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    Right now we are using you WordPress plugin on a client website and have noticed that it seems to default to the US when inputting zip codes. We have a dealer in Australia and when we put in the dealer’s zip code, even from a Australian proxy address, it shows the US location of that zip code. Users in Australia obviously will not care about the dealers that are closest to the Mississippi area the zip code represents here in the US.



    Ahhh yes, our friends down under, do not under estimate, my Aussi friend is looking at my site and wants to see the locations nearest me…but, all kidding aside I understand your angst.

    Google has a blind side for Australia, some zip codes they send anywhere but Australia, even Denmark.  We have a few tricks that we have employed.  First , could you provide your plugin environment?  Do you have any add-ons, what versions?

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    Are all your clients locations in Australia? If so use the shortcode on the    WP page that you have SLP  map appear on,

    For example my test site I have one page with the shortcode  [SLPLUS center_map_at="Brisbane,Australia"]

    Or  if they have Experience Add-on you can append Australia so that Google will always look there first.

    Another way around it, especially if there are locations in multiple countries,  is by having the search form label with help tool, i.e. require more unique address information or you can Have dropdown by city by state, by country,

    add in the search box the label to enter City and county or zip and state, or use the Widgets for SLP, all those features are part of the Experience add-on.

    Search panel settings

    More info on how Google behaves here



    Thank you for the response. Most of the dealers and perspective of users will not have an issue since they will be in the US, but the few in the land down under will need accommodated. I was not sure if adding a country dropdown or something like that was necessary. Is there a way to add these in with the SLP plugin or would this be a add-on? Or something third party we would have to go find setup and then integrate into the SLP plugin?

    UPDATE: I see you kinda already mentioned this in your last reply, but for clarification could you reiterate what you would use.



    Experience Add-on

    There is an option to have a dropdown in search form, for any of the three, city, state, country





Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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