In order to address customer needs we have a support triage in place. This ensures that everyone gets answers while providing a path for customers with mission-critical needs to “jump the queue”. Here are the support paths and the response times:

  • Paid Customization – Any level : Immediate response during scheduled week(s)
  • Paid Support – Next Business Day Login : 1 business day
  • Paid Support – Same Day Email : 1 business day
  • Paid Support – Next Day Email : 2 business days
  • Paid Support – 3-Day Email : 3 business days
  • Premier Member – forum posts or direct email : ASAP after paid requests usually 1 – 5 days
  • Forum Posts – forum reply : 1 – 3 days
  • Forum Posts – additional assistance, problems, possible patch work : 5-10 days
  • Email – email reply : 1 – 5 days
  • Email – additional assistance, problems possible patch work : 5-15 days

Some Notes About Support

We can help you most efficiently when you tell us as much as possible about your WordPress environment.  At a minimum a link to the site where you have Store Locator Plus installed and a list of your SLP plugins and their versions as appears under the Store Locator Plus Info/Environment tab.

We always try to answer people as quickly as possible.   We will respond to forum posts on a regular basis and try to provide all the information you need to get Store Locator  Plus working perfectly for your particular configuration.

We cannot login to your site and help you out unless we are in the midst of a scheduled customization week for your project or you have purchased next day login support.   The days where we do not have something on our schedule for one of our 20,000+ active customer sites are few-and-far between.

If you have something urgent the best way to “jump the queue” is to purchase paid support.  If you feel you need us to login and look at something the Next Day Biz Login support is  your beset option.

With any of the support options we complete the support/customization we are in the middle of before going to the next request.   Most issues are addressed in one day but some issues can take days to address.  Customization work often takes weeks.

We want our plugin to work on as many sites as possible without any issues.  There are literally billions of combinations of plugins, themes, and WordPress versions that impact how our plugin operates.   With 20,000 active customer installations and billions of possible combinations of software configurations we are almost always working on something for another customer just like you.    Please be patient.  We will help you get Store Locator Plus working for you or your clients.

Support Forums

The Forums are a free support venue.   Most questions are answered within a few  days.  Forums allow for sharing of questions and answers with the community which prevents the same question from coming to our inbox multiple times.   It also provides an opportunity for users to help each other when I am not available.

Please note: many questions are answered in the online documentation.  Please review the documentation before posting in the forums. 

Premier Support Forums

Customers with an active Premier Subscription have access to the Premier Support Forum.   Questions and issues posted in this forum take precedence over all support inquiries other than paid customizations or same-day per-incident requests.   If you require an immediate response and require personal attention to assist with an issue you are having with a plugin sold on this site, the Premier Subscription is the best support option available.  In addition to faster responses you also have an influence over the features that appear in upcoming releases.

  • Premier Subscription

    $275.00 / year and a $425.00 sign-up fee
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Per-Incident Paid Support

If you have an issue that requires a faster response time but do not wish to subscribe to the Premier Subscription service, you can purchase support on a per-incident basis.   This is useful for those people who need specific non-generic troubleshooting. You can choose from several response-time options including 3-day email response, 24-hour email response, and site login services.

  • Support

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Product Customization Services

Need custom features added to one of the products listed here?  A new add-on pack developed?  The Product Customization service may be able to help.  With prices starting at $500/code-day you can get a customized solution that perfectly matches your needs for far less than a 100% custom-coded solution.   All customization work is designed to become a mainstream feature ensuring compatibility with future updates of the base plugin or add-on packs.
  • Customization

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