Store Locator Plus for WordPress is our “buy it and own it self-managed locator” for WordPress sites.   If you are deploying a locator on other web platforms or building a mobile app, or prefer a managed service for WordPress check out our MySLP SaaS Service.

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    Store Locator Plus

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Store Locator Plus, it is our base product and is available for free in the WordPress plugin directory.

SLP allows you to enter your locations and display the search by address form along with a map and location list on any WordPress Page.    Custom tailor the look-and-feel or import lists of locations using one of the add ons below or subscribe to Premier and get everything we offer.


Get It All With Premier

Get everything we offer including the Power and Experience add ons.

You also get the Premier Plugin which includes features not available anywhere else.

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    Premier Subscription

    From: $275.00 / year and a $425.00 sign-up fee
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Not too mention you get the third party add ons, a private support forum, a direct downloads page for prerelease and production versions of our add ons, and live chat access with our dev and support teams on Slack.

Feel The Power

The Power add on gives you all of the features needed for the power user.  This add on provides the most-requested location import and export feature.    You also can categorize locations and add SEO friendly pages built directly from your locations data.

This product includes most of the features of the prior Pro Pack, Pages, Tagalong, Contact Extender, and Directory Builder add ons.

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Get Experienced

The Experience add on is what you need to custom-tailor the user experience of the locator.  Tailor the search form, the list of locations, the contents of the popup info bubble, the placement of the map relative to the search form and locations, and the inner styling of the map itself.   It also includes widgets to place searches on other pages.

This product includes all of the features of the prior Enhanced Search, Enhanced Results, Enhanced Map, and Widgets add ons.

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Auxiliary Items


The best way to get help with using Store Locator Plus is to post in our forums. If you are using the free base plugin you will need to be registered on this site. Purchase our free Forum registration to be able to post.


Our Janitor add on has tools to help clean up legacy installations as well as manually clear settings. You typically will not need this unless instructed by support to install this tool.

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Third Party Add Ons

These add-on packs are created by third party authors that provide the updates and support.

  • Store Locator Plus User Managed 480x480

    DeBaat: User Managed Locations

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  • Extended Data Manager 520x520

    DeBaat: Extended Data Manager

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  • Event Location Manager 520x520

    DeBaat: Event Location Manager

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  • Store-Locator-Plus-SME-480x480-24b

    DeBaat: Social Media Extender

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  • SLP Gravity Forms Integration 426x416

    DeBaat: Gravity Forms Integration

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  • SLP Gravity Forms Locations 426x416

    DeBaat: Gravity Forms Locations

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Additional Information

Not sure what you need?  Check out the Buyer’s Guide or contact us.

Visit the newly-minted Store Locator Plus demo and try it for yourself!

Check out some of the 25,000 customers using our locator software.