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    Glendon Kuhns

    I’m needing to output the location category on the results and on the map bubble results. Have tried and tried to find documentation for this and can’t find anything. I’ve got the category icon output…just need the category label/title to be available as well.


    What versions of the plug-in and Power add-on are you using?


    Assume based on your question you have Power and you know how to display the category map marker or icon and you know about the legend box that identifies the same on the map/

    categories are taxonomy /hierarchal in nature .  (The term Taxonomy references the WordPress category system. Taxonomy is a way to group things together.) 


    If I understand your question, correctly you want to show the corresponding category as text under the results. the  way to show Text driven information in your results  is to associate  corresponding  TAGS  assigned to locations  .

    Tags are text based.   If you have the Power add-on you will see a field where you can add them just below the Power section. You can also Import  tags  or use the Bulk actions feature under the Locations tab in SLP to add tags an assign (with  the Power add-on)

    Map INFO bubbles are just that, Info bubbles that use Shortcode and Css  and do not pull from the Taxonomy of category manager




    P.S> You can also adjust the map info bubble. You  need the Experience add-on to to change the map layout and  info bubble to show tags . I do not know if you have the Experience add-on since you did not provide us with your Info, but if you do not see a section under Map labeled Bi=uble layout I assume you do not


    <span id=”slp_tags”>[slp_location tags]</span> </div>

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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