Need help with your plugin?   I have several support options available.   Free support is available via the WordPress site.  See the support page on this site for details.


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Free Support

Please post in the forums.  We can help dozens of people when answering your question.  Include a link to the page where your locator is running and , if possible, the plugin versions listed under the Info / Environment tab in the Store Locator Plus admin panel.

If you cannot get into the forum (registration is free, just add this to your cart and check out) you can contact us via the email form.

Online Documentation

As the product evolves and new features added, it requires another 10 hours to update all the pages, content and menus. If you cannot find your answer check the FAQ and/or Troubleshooting  More questions = less code time = less features or bug fixes.

Support Forums

We RARELY review the support forums at WordPress
Please note that your questions will be seen faster if you post in the forums on the SLP forum site.

Paid Support

If the product back end tips or  online documentation does not have the answers and you cannot wait for forum responses, then you may opt to purchase support for a faster and more in-depth response via email.

Please see the menu options  for rates for plugin-, add-on specific support requests.    If you opt for email support we require your Plug-in Info and url.

Premier Subscriptions

Premier Subscription accounts have access to the Premier Support Forum.  Questions posted in the Premier Support Forum are answered on a first serve basis.   Most questions are answered within  two business days (non weekends and non holidays).

Via Email

 We will email you back if you are an SLP SaaS customer or if you have general questions about the SaaS options.     Email responses are limited to resolution of a single issue.    Plugin environment, site url and specifics will get you better results with out having to wait for back and forth questions. Do NOt provide login admin privileges!!!

Business Hours

Normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 10AM to 4PM EST (GMT-5) excluding holidays.  I abide by the United States Federal Holiday schedule for MOST holidays and travel frequently. In addition, I try to carve out some quality time for my family.  If you purchase a support option that includes a guaranteed response time and I am unavailable I will contact you at my first opportunity to notify you of the status.

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