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    I have activated the SLP For WP: Premier plugin and I am now seeing the clustering options that I was expecting. The problem I am running into is that when I check the “Enable Clusters” checkbox, set the “Cluster Radius” to 90, and set the “Cluster Minimum” to 2, I don’t really see any clustering occurring on the page. Is there anything that I need to do differently or can look into to confirm that clustering is working as expected?

    Attached are screenshots of the settings I have for the clusters and of my rendered map.

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    Please provide the Plug-in info which will show us the versions you are using.

    I tested the cluster map marker on my test site with 90 and 2 and it is working correctly.

    So if you need to update please do so. If you need help please provide the info required including the site URL where you are having issues.



    Here are the versions of the plugins that I currently have installed and activated:

    • SLP for WordPress – version 2303.07.01
    • SLP for WordPress : Experience – version 2210.05
    • SLP for WordPress : Premier – version 2301.10.01

    I believe that these are the most up-to-date versions of the plugins. Does anything look off there?



    The versions appear ok, but I cannot reproduce your issue.

    Is this the site you are working with

    If you have a clone, staging or test site ,  try  making some changes to settings on :

    Under Settings/View  change the SLP layout/view to default. (It appears you have chosen a non standard layout of the map that may have been discontinued and not all built in layouts utilize the Premier commands)

    Try turning off other plug-ins to see if there is anything that is a  conflict.

    Try utilizing a plain vanilla WP theme to see if the cluster map markers work then.



    Berenice looking at your site url here

    specifically under the USA dealers you have a WP Admin Ajax folder that is showing the below.  Somehow it appears the version at least for that page is not current. It is showing as ver=1647539720 which is not the current version .  The versions you have listed above are the current versions.

    Us any browser developer tools to see what is being reflected. Perhaps you have a parent child scenario?  Or am I looking at the wrong site?


    “success”: true,

        “slp_version”: “4.9.19”,

    “data_queries”: {

    “standard_location_load”: {

    “query_slugs”: [




Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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