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    We are having a problem with the map.  If the website visitor is not logged in to the website you get the for development purposes watermark.  The error in the console is no api key.

    if you login to the website with your account login ( we have retailers and customers) the map works fine.

    so I am not sure why the api key call would fail when you are not logged into an account?



    I would have to see your web site to help you.  You have not provided enough information.

    You have posted questions in the forums in the past but have never provided us with the basic info we need to assist you.  Plug-in environment , versions




    Website is

    Wordpress Version 6.1.1

    Store Locator Plus Version 2301.20.01

    Is there other information you need?




    Yes thank you.  I visited your site and upon inspecting the console

    There is an  error message but then the site does load the maps and works properly.

    The error message on your site is[Error] Loading the Google Maps JavaScript API without a callback is not supported:

    I will see if the developer has any input. But the site worked for me after the initial pop up





    Hi Andy,

    Apparently Google MAPS API changed their version parameters ,

    even though our plug-in and script does have a callback parameter some sites may see that pop up.

    Your site and the plugin map  is working though  and loads all the locations  once the pop up is gone . The developer will take a look and update  the API parameter or messages as needed. Thanks for providing us the info so that we could delve into this further.


    Did you double check on your MAP API key version as well as if you have billing associated with it?

    I see both when I use the browser debug.

    The error about a call back  is a no issue. The real issue is


    3siteground-optimizer-combined-js-68bd7d156549f9f73530879cbf22801a.js:131 YT API init check

    util.js:64 Google Maps JavaScript API warning: NoApiKeys

    The script element that loads the API has no API key. Please make sure you include a valid API key as a key parameter. You can generate a new API key in the Cloud Console.

    To get an API key, click the button below to get started.

    If you are loading Maps JavaScript API from the deprecated v2 path, you will get the NoApiKeys warning, even if you specified the key parameter. Please check the v2 to v3 upgrade guide and migrate your application to Maps JavaScript API v3.


    Alternatively you can  try  one of our SLP SaaS monthly subscription  plans  that start as low as $5 a month and we take care of the Google API keys for you.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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