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    Hi, I recently purchased the premiere subscription and downloaded/activated the Power, Experience and Premiere plugin.  Are these 3 all I need to get all the new features going forward?  I know before each feature had it’s own plugin so I want to know if I’m getting everything for this new site build.

    I also noticed that Store Pages doesn’t seem to be in this new setup, am I missing something or do I have to download the Legacy Store Pages plugin?  And if so is that recommended since it’s “legacy”?  I want to make sure I setup this new site in a way that it will be supported going forward.

    There are so many plugins now that is confusing knowing which ones I need to install without duplicating or causing conflicting features.  If there’s a users guide that explains this that would be helpful too.




    So I did some reading and it looks like the Power plugin was supposed to replace the Store Pages, but I’m not seeing a lot of the functionality it says should be there, the [slp_pages] shortcode does not work and I don’t see how to generate pages.  I have all the plugins installed.



    Hi ,

    The layout is different from what you may have seen n the past.

    Please see the new documentation page about generating Store Pages, etc.  To use that shortcode : Do you have “not attributes”

    Under the Store Locator Plus / General/Data

    do you have “enable pages” turned on?

    I will notify the developer of the issue.


    Lance Cleveland

    Have you enabled the pages module via the checkbox under the General tab?


    As for plugins you only need 3 from us:





    If you use any of DeBaats functionality you’ll still need to install his plugins separately.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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