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    When searching for a location with a Canadian postal code that contains a space, the store locator returns no results every time (ex. M1K 1K1). If I remove the space, or search by city and province, it works fine (ex. M1K1K1). Can you please update the plugin to account for postal codes with a space as this can be very confusing from a user perspective.




    Please refer to the posting guidelines and provide versions  site url where using locator etc.   Please note, that unless you are using Experience addon or premier and have features with  additional search enhancements, such as auto complete, discrete filters, country guesses.  the search and results are 100% dependent on the Google Javascript API . Even with some of our search enhancements there is no getting around whatever Google did recently with all their Javascript API look up by address. and it is not the same as their commercial maps (refer to the article link below)

    Currently SLP  passes  address-specific lookups directly to Google and it uses your  JavaScript API. In the past this has worked well but Google clearly has changed something recently that has made that service far less reliable.

    Google has changed (broken) their address lookup service that nearly every map services provider uses .  The developer is working on a way to fix  or surpass google with his MYSLP platform.  My Store Locator Plus®  searches additional  databases. read below article

    Other ways Google has been changing their APIs

    Since every site using Google MAPs JAVASCRIPT APIS is now being charged via credit card , assuming you have obtained your maps API (I do not know, you didn’t provide your web site or info, see posting guidelines) they have included support.




    It appears another Google customer also reported  to Google Support specifically about Canadian zip codes. And Google has assigned in support. We believe that now that Google is charging for the use of their Maps APIs and geocoding a lot more people have started reporting. if you look under issues  you will see a ton of issues reported to Google and quite a few in apst month.




    The developer has been looking into the ADDRESS SEARCH ISSUE when spaces present

    what version of WP are you on? It seems there was a change in WP that changed the way spaces were applied creating an issue in SLP 5.0.1 —  may have been introduced with  WordPress 5.0 and the 4.9.9 patches… but not sure…

    But it impacts any address a user types in with extra spaces on the map address lookukp.

    A new version of SLP 5.0.3 should fix the spaces look up. I just updated on my test site and tested it and returned the correct location I had added as a test:

    Scarborough, ON M1K 5J7, Canada

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