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I didn’t see the case of Forbidden on admin ajax, but that could be related to other plugins, we have several part of the page which are loaded that way.

Regarding the search, the way we want to implement it is a drop down for the country, and a text input from the user for city or more precise address. That city will not necessarily have a location found, and so the nearby location will be returned. We use the radius to limit the results, because our client will not do so many kilometer from their place to find a shop.

I tried your test of search with country belgium and no address input. The first page display well some location, it doesn’t include the one in Spa, but that’s normal since the radius is not defined to show all the location of a country in one result.

The problem is in fact when searching for the specific city (more precise than just country search), it doesn’t show the correct location. The center map returned is in fact a “Hotel and Spa” somewhere in France. That’s why I think it’s a geocoding bug (confusion between the name of the city and the standard word for spa).
The location is returned only when searching for the string “Spa Belgium”, so that’s why I think the country dropdown is not well used in the search process.

You can find attached the data of the specific location which is creating that problem. there is a latitude longitude that we imported from another of our system, and the map display in the proper place.
You can also see it in the Page which is generated for that location on that link.

Thanks for your help

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