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and Bob

If you cant get to your Locations page you might have a setting in the SLP admin UI panel under locations , i.e.” the no. of locations per page to display too high”. You might need to use Janitor to reset, but since I do not see any pictures about your plugin environment, site url etc…I do not know  what you are referring to…..please provide information as requested in POSTING Guildelines. The screenshot does not show me anything. It could be your server, I have no idea.

Bob, you may be annoyed but unless you provide information as requested in two sticky notes at top of forum i.e. the POSTING GUIDELINES, (READ BEFORE POSTING) , as explained, you need to provide information about your plugin , your site url, etc….we are also “dead in the water” as far as helping you which is not out intent.  This is a question we ask people over and over again which is why we have made it a sticky note at top of forum.

Bob, if you read posting guidelines, “glomming” onto someones post with a “me too” isn’t very useful information for us. The other person who posted first could have a number of different configuration on his site, WP versions, SLP version, different WP theme…and multiple other plugins that may effect any number of things.  So unless you are sitting next to him and see the same setup it may not be the same issue. See Troubleshooting  You will see a lot of information as to why and what can break your plugin or your site or SLP.

If either of you would like assistance you need to provide the information requested in the POSTING GUIDLEINES, at the very least your PLUGIN ENVIRONMENT.
If you need to use Janitor Read the JANITOR documentation on the product page, there are also helpful texts in the plugin itself.  it is free. Make sure your SLP plugins and ADDONs are deactivated first and that you have a back up,  if you need to delete locations. If it is just an issue of not seeing locations loading under Locations page in the back end….try this:


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