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WooThemes Site Changes

WooThemes has updated WooCommerce and their flagship (their words, not mine) theme Storefront many times in the past few months.   The most recent changes have improved some things in our shopping experience on the Store Locator Plus site.  Some of the changes, however, have broken fundamental elements of the Store Locator Plus storefront.    We are working on patching things like the Downloads Page for Premier Subscription holders and have found a number of smaller glitches with subscriptions that we are chasing down.   Unfortunately we are spending a lot more time chasing down WooThemes issues this week than we would like.  We’d much rather be improving Store Locator Plus than figuring out what WooThemes did that “improved” their product while breaking our site.

If anyone has a clue as to why Groups by ITThinx, WooCommerce, and WooThemes Storefront would stop playing nicely with each other, please shoot us a message.

Come to think of it, this isn’t much different than spending much of the past 3 weeks trying to figure out why WPML’s “well it works for everyone else” mantra doesn’t apply to gettext() in SLP.  Maybe it is just us, but we sure hope that is not the case.   In the meantime we appreciate your patience as we try to coax the code in our products and the products of those other “WP shops” into behaving.

In the meantime please feel free to post in the forums or shoot us an email at support@ if you have any pressing issues.