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Charleston Software Associates Becomes A Google Enterprise Customer

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Charleston Software Associates has officially become a Google Enterprise customer. The new licensing agreement for Google technologies will further strengthen the Store Locator Plus, a location mapping and search plugin for WordPress, product offering in coming months. The new licensing agreement provides CSA with direct access to the Google Enterprise support team as well as access to their high throughput map services servers.

Google Enterprise Email
Google Enterprise license confirmation email.

The combination of access to the Google Maps API for Business services and improved Google support will pave the way for the development of advanced add-on packs as well as general improvement of services in the base Store Locator Plus product offering. On the drawing board for the future of Store Locator Plus is improved direct access to the Google Maps API for Business for customers with their own API keys and new services from CSA for customers that cannot afford the 5-figure investment.

One of the first products that is on the schedule is higher limits and faster throughput on the Geocoding API calls. This is the service that adds the latitude and longitude to all locations entered into Store Locator Plus. Some clients are loading tens-of-thousands of locations via the CSV import feature provided by the Pro Pack. Unfortunately the standard, free, Google Maps API service only allows a maximum of 2500 requests per IP address. Since many shared hosts have thousands of sites, some of which are using Google API services, it is possible that as few as 100 locations will hit the daily geocoding limit. A new service, still in the planning stages, will allow customers to use the CSA servers to encode their locations for a nominal access fee.

General product improvements are expected as CSA takes advantage of Enterprise Support at Google while developing the new services and features. Getting an in-depth technical overview of the Google API services and the best practices for implementing various API calls will extend the feature set and improve the performance of Store Locator Plus and the associated premium add-on packs.

To the best of my knowledge, Charleston Software Associates is the first WordPress locator plugin author to obtain a Google Enterprise license. My goal is to make Store Locator Plus the first and best plugin for leveraging the new services this license will provide. The next year should be an exciting one for Charleston Software Associates and the Store Locator Plus product line.