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Daily Update, Trello, BrowserStack

The past few days I’ve been mostly working on client projects related to the plugins, helping people with their websites and server issues, and dealing with my own server issues.   Along the way I’ve learned some new tricks.

Tagalong 0.9

Tagalong version 0.9 is in development.  I am working through some reported bugs and trying to iron out the kinks.    This version also has patches to make it  work with SLP version 3.10.4.   This is where my focus will be until I get some of the more notable bugs squashed.  As soon as this is ready testing will ensue on SLP 3.10.4, EM 0.7, and Tagalong 0.9.

This version will require SLP 3.10.4

Store Locator Plus 3.10.4

Store Locator Plus 3.10.4  is entering testing.  There are no notable features but there are hooks and filters as well as minor updates that help make a new Enhanced Map v0.7 feature come to life.

When this version is ready you will need to update Enhanced Map to version 0.7+ and Tagalong to version 0.9+.

Enhanced Map 0.7

This version is entering testing.  As noted previously, the most notable feature of Enhanced Map 0.7 is the ability to set per-location map markers.

This version will require SLP v3.10.4

Store Locator Plus 3.11

This is in development.  Future release date is not yet set.    I am trying to get a version ahead of the public release that is in beta/testing in order to give the beta group more time to test an upcoming release.   This version has some notable improvements to how the plugin information is loaded and passed to the JavaScript process on the UI.  This lightens the load on the server when processing the map page load.  This all came about due to the Enhanced Map 0.8 tweaks.

Enhanced Map 0.8

Another future release.  Thus far the notable feature is the “center_map_at” shortcode attribute that a few people have asked for.    It was a lot of work to get this wired into Store Locator Plus, which uncovered some of the produce inefficiencies in the code logic that loads the JavaScript.


While exploring Easy Digital Downloads I was introduced to Trello.   I’ve only been playing with it for a few days and already love it.  It has a super-simple interface for task management.    If  you are juggling a half-dozen tasks at once, this is a great list management tool.   I already like how it organizes my thoughts and visually lets me see what I’m working on which allows me to easily see dependencies and move tasks/projects around in the queue.  It is all AJAX with a great drag-and-drop interface.  I’d love to emulate some of this user experience into Store Locator Plus but I need to up my UX skills first.


I discovered BrowserStack while testing IE8 for a client.   They have customers that are complaining about compatibility with IE8.    There are some issues with the location sensor on IE8 that I thought were resolved.   It looks like SLP 3.10 through 3.10.3 have an issue which is resolved in 3.10.4.     Using BrowserStack is a simple solution for doing multiple browser tests on different platforms.  You can get a 3-month free trial if you follow the link from the website.    It is costly, at $20/month.   However if you don’t want to fire up a dozen virtual machines to test IE8 on XP or IE10 on Windows 8 then this may be worth the expense.