Premier Subscription

$275.00 / year and a $49.00 sign-up fee

Get the latest releases, new add-on packs, and first-tier support response with the Premier Subscription program.   A great way to support ongoing development while keeping your Store Locator Plus product updated.

The Sign-up fee is non-refundable.



The Premier Subscription is designed for businesses that rely on the WordPress Store Locator Plus location management and mapping system as a key element of their web and mobile deployment strategy.  It is geared towards those companies who have strong skills in SEO.  It is not meant to replace the purchasers self managed style. You will still need to update and manage your Google API.  The Premier Subscription  includes a Network Multisite license, enabling the Store Locator Plus add-ons to work properly on multisite installations per the EULA.  

Note This product is not to be confused with the SLP SaaS monthly subscriptions that are updated and hosted on our servers.

Sign up now and lock in your pricing.   As long as you maintain a current subscription the annual fee will not increase for your account. As long as you have an active subscription your add-ons will be available for WordPress multisite.

What’s Included?

The Premier Plugin

The Premier Plugin, an exclusive add-on pack for Premier Members, brings an entire new set of features to Store Locator Plus that are not available anywhere else.

What are some of the features the Premier Plugin provides?

The Premier add-on includes current and new development to be released over the course of your subscription.   UPGRADING to a new version of  your Premier add-on package  requires an active subscription.    If you want to keep up with the latest set of features you will want to make sure you keep your subscription active.

Follow the Premier product page for more information on the features included in this exclusive product.

PLUS: All Store Locator Plus Premium Add Ons

Get all the Store Locator Plus goodness for no additional fee.

All of the current and future Store Locator Plus premium add-on packages are included in the subscription. As soon as your account is activated you will have access to all of the current premium add-on packs including Power, and Experience.

When a new add-on pack is released you will be granted access to the new add-on pack as soon as it is available to the general public for no additional fee.

As well as beta test pre-release  plugin(s) with your subscription purchase. (Found in Footer of your account page under Downloads)

Premier Support Forum

All active Premier Subscription accounts will be granted access to the Premier Support Forum.   The Premier Support Forum is monitored and responded to during normal business hours with a target response time of less than one business day.   It is second only to paid one-day email support requests .


Priority Feature Consideration

When you purchase a Premier Subscription your feature requests are more likely to appear in a future product release.

Premier Support members will be given priority over the standard wish list features that have been requested by the Store Locator Plus community.   When the development schedule allows time for user-requested features to be developed, those features requested by active Premier Subscription members will be put on the top of the list for upcoming enhancements to existing products or development of new add-on packs. Premier is required for ALL CUSTOMIZATION Projects.

Pre-Release Access

Get the next product release before it goes into final production.

Premier Members have access to a special downloads page that has all of the latest production and pre-release productions available for download from the site.    Get the next iteration of your favorite plugin or add-on pack before it is released to the general public.    This allows you to test the upcoming release on YOUR server in YOUR environment before the product is finalized.  Perfect for testing upcoming releases on your test or staging site.
Note: Installing pre-release software on a production server is NOT recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Subscribe?

By purchasing a Premier Subscription you are contributing to the longevity of the Store Locator Plus project.  Subscription purchases provide the funding necessary to focus on long term stability and feature improvements in the existing products.   It is through the ongoing contributions of subscriptions that research and development can continue on the features that matter most to the businesses that rely on the product every day.

When you purchase a Premier Subscription in place of a one-time add-on pack purchase, it is viewed as a vote for continued improvement of the existing products and base plugin.

Are Subscriptions Required To Use The Product?

Not for single site users. But it is required for SLP add-ons to work on those who run Multisite WordPress sites. See EULA

The Premier Subscription is not required to activate  single site stand alone add-on packs .  All products, those included with the Premier Subscription as well as one-time-purchase add-ons, are buy-once and own-forever products that are managed by the site owner and not by StoreLocatorPlus..   They do not “phone home” to a license server unless you have network multi-sites. The single add-on packs work with the base SLP plug-in version released  at the time and of the same version number as  when you bought it. In the event that updates and major changes are made to the base plugin or WordPress changes will be made to the add-on packs that are active.

If your Premier subscription expires the products will not suddenly stop working, but new features with new version updates will not be available. You will not be able to download the latest Premier version without an active subscription.

An active Premier Subscription provides access to all current and future add-on packs, the Premier Support Forum, and insider information articles that keep you informed of current and future developments for the Store Locator Plus product line.    The subscription is a great way to provide ongoing support for the Store Locator Plus project.  The Premier subscription is NOT the same as the MYSLP subscription. As such you are responsible for obtaining any Google MAP APi keys.

What Happens If My Subscription Expires?

Access to your downloads, the Premier Support Forum, and the live chat on Slack will go away.   Any files you have downloaded or have active on your WordPress site will still function as normal, however you may not have access to future updates to your add-on packs.   Some settings for the Premier plugin will no longer be accessible to be able to enable/disable various Premium plugin features and may change the user experience.

Re-activating your subscription will re-enable downloads, re-enable the Premier plugin features, as well as re-activate Premier forum and Slack access.

How Do You Value This Subscription?

Experience Add On: $250
Power Add On: $250
Premium Add On: $400
Support: $200/year

Total Package Value: over $1,000.

Refunds, Cancellations, and Re-activations

The one time sign up fee is NON-Refundable. The 30 day money back guarantee does not apply to these sign-up service and/or set-up fees since the two add-ons Power and Experience are included.

If you cancel a Premier Subscription within 30 days of purchase you will be credited the annual renewal rate portion of your purchase.

Subscriptions that have been cancelled over 30 days past due  will need to repurchase the subscription as a new purchase including the sign up fee.