Premier Plugin


INCLUDED with the Premier Subscription.

Provides extended features and services for Premier Subscription members.  Check out the Release Details for a list of features that have been added each month.   As long as you keep your subscription active you will get the latest features on the list.

Premier Subscriptions also get access to the first-priority Premier Support Forum and can request invites to our real-time Slack channel.

You should purchase the Premier Subscription instead of purchasing this product directly.


The Premier Plugin is the companion product to the Premier Subscription service and is not sold separately.    The Premier plugin adds features and services to the Store Locator Plus plugin and add-ons.    Upgrades and updates, which often contain new features, are available as long as the Premier Subscription is active.

Premier Subscription includes a Network Active Multi site license for all add on packs. The Premier subscription must be active in order for the add-ons to work on  WP Network Active Multisite.

The extended features and functionality for the product remain after the subscription has been cancelled but there will not be additional enhancements or updates available for download unless the Premier Subscription is active.  A reinstatement (set-up) fee may apply in accordance with the cancellation policy.

Premier Features Video Blog

Search When Map Moves

Allow your visitors to pan across the map and see all of your locations without having to search a new area.   Every time they move the map a new search will show the locations in that area.

Results Pagination

Results pagination allows you to limit the number of locations that are shown on the map and in the search results while providing a way for your users to access other locations that might be in the same area. With this feature enabled they will also see a forward/backward button at the top of the results list.  This gives the user a way to move forward and backward through the list of locations that are within the selected range of their initial search without cluttering the map with dozens of locations at one time.

Clustered Map Markers

If you are showing lots of locations in close proximity to each other and the markers are “clumped” together, clustered markers is here to help clean up your user experience.   With a simple checkbox you can turn the tightly grouped map markers into a cluster marker that shows the location count within that cluster.   Cleaner maps are easier to read and make for a better user experience.

Boundaries Location Influences

When the Boundary Influence Guess has been enabled the map will render with a defined boundary rectangle that will surround all your locations, or you can Define the Boundary yourself.

Hide Street View

When the Hide Street View box has been enabled the map will not show the Google “peg man” on the map inset.

HTML Tables In Results

With this Premier release the Custom search/ results using HTML tables are now far easier to implement.  Several new features make this possible including: do not wrap results in a div, four column header label settings, and a results layout wrapper setting.
Also available with this Premier version:

Styleable Search Drop Downs

Don’t like the default drop down selector styling used by web browsers?   You can now change this with far more control than possible with standard HTML5 and CSS rules.  Using the jQuery UI Selectmenu API, the search drop down  menus can be styled using CSS rules.   Pre-defined jQuery UI Themes, such as Smoothness, are available for pre-defined drop down styling.

Search Box Subtitles

Bringing the Search form titles a step further, the Premier Plugin provides a search form subtitle option.

Parent/Child Dropdown with Multiple Categories

The Premier (Subscription )Plugin provides for Parent/child drop down menus on the same search form with multiple combinations of queries available, thus allowing the user to fine tune their search on your site. This option is now available when you have Premier subscription and Power add-on  activated. You may opt to have the auto-submit function, or create any parent/child combination using the category manager and/or filters, determine if you want the “one click submit” for the user by choosing the drop-down auto-submit available as a Premier Search feature.

Category Checkbox or Button Bar


Before you can use the territories features of the Premier add on, you will need to enable this feature under the General / Data tab.   This is off by default to reduce the data storage and processing overhead of Store Locator Plus for sites that do not need territory services.  Go to the General / Data tab and check off “Enable Territory Bounds” and click save.   This will create the necessary data fields and enable territory settings and features within the application.

WooCommerce product integration

Per-location dynamic pricing and integrated buy action buttons.  Tutorial video

Marker Tooltips

Provides the ability to “turn off” the location result info when hovering over the map marker.

Results Interaction 

An interactive  map marker  when clicking on a location in results list

Scheduled Events – geocoding

And more  cool features released regularly such as:

  • Additional Plug-in Styles to optimize the Premier options
  • Defined Boundaries for Map locations
  • Choice of styles for search form drop down menus
  • Drop Down Autosubmit functionality

URL control

Allows you to enable location ID passing by turning on “Location Selection” under the General / User Interface tab.

Location Limit


Locations Loading Indicator

New feature added to Premier version 4.9.11 The locations loading indicator shows your visitors that the server is working on returning a list of locations




Exclusive Style Gallery Items

Our new hosted style gallery brings even more one-click styling to Store Locator Plus.   Active Premier Subscriptions have more styles available to them.


Release Details