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    We’re running Store Locator plugin in WordPress. It shows the distance “as the crow flies” instead of by road distance. What is the best way to make it calculate and show distance by GPS highway directions?



    That is beyond the scope of the plug-in since we do not have GPS built into the software, per se. It is dependent on the browser or device (i.e. mobile phone) using location sensor which is not part of the base plug-in.  Location sensor, i.e , GPS is based on the device being used to do the search .  That is how Google does it as well. Location sensor helps users find closest to them using  GPS is a basic Google algorithm. SLP is not using GPS to calculate distance, it uses radius.


    Please provide your plug-in environment when posting in the forums so we can see what versions, what add-ons etc.

    See the Location Sensor article written by the developer for information


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