Store Locator Plus® for WordPress

Our WordPress plugin is running on over 15,000 websites worldwide at this very moment.    Powerful add ons bring features like cluster markers, location categories and filters, and territories to the free base plugin.    Install it on your self-hosted WordPress site…


Get everything we offer including the Power and Experience add ons. You also get the Premier Plugin which includes features not available anywhere else like cluster map markers and search when map moves. You also get a priority support forum, live chat…

Premier Subscription

Get the latest releases, new add-on packs, and first-tier support response with the Premier Subscription program.   A great way to support ongoing development while keeping your Store Locator Plus product updated.

The Sign-up fee is non-refundable.

Premier Subscription Features with Premier Add-On

The Premier plugin adds enhanced features, functionality, and support services to the Store Locator Plus plugin. The extended features and functionality are available with the premier subscription only. New features are being added, if there is something you would like,…

Premier Plugin

INCLUDED with the Premier Subscription.

Provides extended features and services for Premier Subscription members.  Check out the Release Details for a list of features that have been added each month.   As long as you keep your subscription active you will get the latest features on the list.

Premier Subscriptions also get access to the first-priority Premier Support Forum and can request invites to our real-time Slack channel.

You should purchase the Premier Subscription instead of purchasing this product directly.