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    SITE URL: http://sohmelbourne.com/stockists


    We are using Store Locator on your site  and had some issues when searching with ZIP CODES, esp using 2000 zip code since it gives results outside of AUSTRALIA. So we had some forums checks and got an advice to use EXPERIENCE add on to fix the issue.. So we install EXPERIENCE on the site and now Search results are going crazy.


    When we search the 2000 zipcode it also show results of stores with other zipcodes, which should not be the case.


    Please help us out on this storelocator issue weve been having.






    Hi Adrian,


    Check your settings. Under Search, Search Address Nearest, current map or Wordlwode.

    Radius behavior, do you have it set to Alwsys use, only use after search or do not use?

    Do you have a Discrete search filter besides append, A drop down search by City for instance?

    A screen shot of your plugin environment and some of the settings on your back end would be helpful.

    Here is some more info on your Functionality to limit results (Such as what is your initial search radius. make it smaller perhaps, number to show initially, do you want to disable the initial directory or show all results at start up ) Are you adding the instructions under results label to enter an address or city for best results etc.


    Is your map using a google domain to search from, etc etc.


    There are a lot of variables and you may need to go back and read either from the settings in the User Interface in the back end, each line has info tab and links to the docs site.


    Radius Behavior

    Adding Radius Selection First Entry

    No Results Found label

    Search Panel Settings

    Location Search Enhancements





    , radius search


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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