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    on our website we have installed Store Locator Plus,

    We note that if I try the store closest to Rome 200km, the plugin also identifies Florence which is very far away.
    is a bug? How can I set the distances because they are more precise?
    Thank you



    We do not set the distances between two points.  That is done through Google Maps API.  You can check your locations LAT/LONG settings and see if Google API geocoded them correctly.  What do you have for add-ons? What is your Plugin Environment?  I could assist you with some suggestions if I knew what add-ons you might be using.. If you do have add-ons  what versions?  you Mixing  Versions , is it e updated to the current version of  SLP.  See the Troubleshooting section

    If you updated to WP 4.5.1 ; Use the debugger, your CSS or theme,  may be breaking the SLP map, see the article HERE: and the WP articles.

    A quick inspect of your site using Chrome developer tools:

    FAILURE Failed to parse SourceMap:

    So something, your theme? or another plug-in MAY USING OUTDATED jquery versions which will cause issues and break the map.

    See the tutorial on debugging in Troubleshooting if you need additional help.



    Hi Roberto,

    Set the default under Experience search to a lower number if you want the locations closer to come up first. Your drop down search km is currently set to 100Km. The default is set by using parentheses around the radii.


    Are you all set?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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