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    I am having issues with labels and settings being saved.  I attached necessary screenshots.

    Link with WPML:

    Link without WPML:

    Settings Issue: Every time the plugins are updated I have to copy/pate the layout code and update the labels in the Experience tab.

    Labels Issues:  Some labels have been translated using WPML and they show up appropriately for the language but the labels are not saving and updating correctly…more specifically:

    In the Experience > Search settings Search Labels Radius is set as “Within: ” but on the page it still displays “Within” without the colon and the space.

    In the Experience > Results > Labels section the Italian translations are being displayed and when I change them and save it they re-appear again (but English is being displayed on the front page)

    Also this text “Enter an address or zip code and click the find locations button.” that sits besides Find Salons Button is being displayed even if I try deleting it and saving the settings.

    I suspect WPML and SLP aren’t working well together so I disabled WPML and SLP labels worked as it should (but the settings do still need to be updated between upgrades).

    Any direction or help is appreciated.




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    Alright, I updated and now it’s having the same label saving issues, changes in dashboard are not reflecting on the page.


    I hid the text “Enter an address or zip code and click the find locations button.” on with display: hidden for now.


    The developer has been working with WPML on issues that WPML is having.  See his post


    as far as other labels or tags saving, we discovered a bug with tags not saving and an update fixing this bug is currently in pre release 4.5.08 beta products for Premier, EXp SLP and Power are all on 4.5.08 beta….

    Since you show that you have  Premier, you are able to install the Power add-on which takes the place of ProPack, Tagalong, Pages and a few other add-ons and is designed to be compatible with the SLP 4.5.07 and above as well as the EXP add-ons and Premier.  You do not have to install Power if you do not wish to.   See the description and details about Power

    These are the only add-ons t (EXP POWER ) that are being revamped to work with the newer WPML gettext.  There are some responses in forums from the developer (Lance) about this.

    Thanks for letting us know  of this specific issue

    I will definitely bring his attention to this forum question and issues.




    Lance Cleveland

    Oh – and the icon packs are no longer supported in the latest version of SLP.  They have notable issues that impact locator performance.   I plan on launching an improved version using a subscription service for SLP icons for Premier customers as part of the Premier plugin but there is no ETA for that service.  In the meantime download the icons you need put them in the WordPress Media Center and reference their URL directly wherever you set the icons in the locator.

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