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    After paying hundreds of dollars to be just told that what you purchased in now redundant and you simply need to re-purchase it for even more than the original price is arrogant at best but more likely simply dishonest behaviour.
    Why is there no transitional strategy in place?
    Will be looking for alternative software but I guess you already know that.
    The worst paid plugin experience I ever had!



    Rene, Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We supported the legacy add-ons as long as possible. We offered coupons for a year after they made purchases for people to update. SLP sent out mass email offerings to customers who bought Legacy add-ons in that year. No Legacy add-ons were discontinued for a year. We do not believe anything that was done could be considered dishonest. Looking at your site, you appear to be a web hosting company. Assume a web hosting company has paying clients? Multiple clients?Do you provide free updates and services for the lifetime of their product after one of your customers paid you? It is clearly outlined in the EULA that the plugin add-ons are to be used one per site. Please provide a list of your clients and we can offer them personal services. You have not provided the url for the site you are using the add-ons for.

    You can also try rolling back WP update and SLP to earlier versions that will work with the add-on you purchased over 2 years ago. Have a great Tasmanian day!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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