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    Michelle Cookson


    I’m trying to source a method to create a search feature on a website for patients attempting to find a physician. The add-on I’m looking for would be able to create custom fields whereby users could search by physician name, area of practice, or location. I thought maybe it would be the Experience add-on, but I wanted to make sure before I decided to spend $250. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.




    What to buy :  FAQ should help.  We do have many physician finders using our Plugin with add-ons.  They usually have a combination of Power and Experience add-on, or Premier.

    If you want a directory builder for example that would be the Power add-on.

    If all you want is discrete search  and you want to customize the layout you could do that with Experience.  But if you want Physicians to fall into certain categories or tags  that is included with the Power add-on.

    Are you planning on importing large lists? Import is Power.  Location sensor (nearest the users location) is in Power. Location sensor is dependent on the browser and your security credentials.  Otherwise a Search by radius is the default

    See Documentation for more info on all these features and functionality of each area that interests you but it sounds like you would need both Power and Experience and the best value with all the features and those add-ons and  more  would be the Premier add-on. Premier subscribers also can request specialized styles and customization (Customization is a separate fee depending on the complexity)

    The developer has  customized a physician search for many customers , any special features he added to premier.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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