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    We need to export 400 profiles for use in another system. We are on V3 and happy with it but after purchasing the PRO PACK for exporting we discovered this does not work in V3.

    If we purchase the V4 at $550 setup and $35 a month do we have to keep paying the $35 to run V4 on our site?

    This is very frustrating as in reality we have no reason other than the export to migrate to V4.

    Thanks,  Alan


    I do not understand your question.

    If all you need is ProPAck, , which is now version 4.4.04 just purchase ProPack.

    It is $65.

    The  future  UPGRADE  of ProPAck will be 4.5 and is included in the Power add-on ($250 includes ProPack, DB, Tagalong etc.) is in pre release so is not available for purchase  as yet.

    Are you referring to the Premier subscription which is everything included?

    Premier Subscription includes ALL the add-ons and extra features,,,is that the one you are looking at purchasing?




    It is a little complex but I tried to explain it simply.  We are using version 3 not version 4.  Pro PAck, which I have already purchased, does not work in version 3.

    That;’s why I am asking the upgrade cost so we can use the pro pack.  Also it looks like the Pro Pack only exports locations not store profiles which is only half the job.

    Thanks for any advice?



    Nothing will work with Version 3. If you are concerned that your files will not upload or that you will lose data, suggest backing up.  Lance has written a few articles on this. VaultPress and Back up WP site

    You must be on version 4.4 of  the base plugin of SLP in order for any current versions of the add-ons such as 4.4 ProPack or 4.4 Pages to work.   You cannot mix and match.

    See Troubleshooting under Documentation for more info about not mixing versions

    SLP old versions are no longer supported nor maintained, so I wouldn’t be able to assist you with that,

    As far as the subscription fee: You do not need to pay $35 a month to run version 4 of anything

    Buying Premier does not enable you to mix versions 3 and  4.

    You should  back up your data if you are afraid you are going to lose it.  You need to be on SLP version 4.3 or 4.4 in order for ProPack version 4.x4 to interface with your SLP data

    The only subscription that currently has a monthly fee of $35 is Premier  which includes, Experience add-ons (formerly Enhanced Results, Enhanced Search, Enhanced Map and Widgets) )ProPack, Pages, Directory Builder,  Tagalong,, User Managed Locations, Social Media Extender, etc etc…in other words, everything.

    The future  Power add-on  will work with version 4.4. and  4.5 of SLP  and it will be $250, and a $25 a year subscription and will work with future versions.


    ProPack will export everything, the store id. etc…As far as “Pages profiles ” I do not know what a Page profile is or Pages are recreated the same way, once you export and re-import the Locations and all the information associated will be added. Including your store Ids.

    Pages (Store Pages) can then be “recreated” with a click of the button.

    As far as your Page template, if you have any customization or css, back them up  or copy them to a local drive,

    Pages (which are actually WP posts) must now follow the same rules that WP has in place regarding html and shortcodes. So if you have created older versions of Store Pages with href in quotes for instance, it wont work correctly in newer WP 4.4




    SLP is free, ProPack is $65 as shown in the product page, ditto Pages


    I did try to upgrade to SLP LE on a copy installation of the site which went fine except the Pro Pack did not work and the Store pages didn’t show in the list. The header said 337 were there but there was nothing in the list.  Really odd.

    I think we’ll just find another way around this.




    Hi Alan,

    Once you update SLP to 4.4.37, Go to your account and download ProPack current version.

    I did not see any orders for Store Pages under your account name. Please provide your Plugin environmnet and site url so that I may better assist you.

    If you have found what you need to work around this I will close this particular post.

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