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    Hey there,

    is there a restriction to use the [slp_option] shortcode for conditional display only inside the bubble layout? In our SLPWP implementation, we have:

    In Bubble Layout:

    <span id=”slp_bubble_fax”><span class=”location_detail_label”>[slp_option   label_fax     ifset   fax]</span>[slp_location fax suffix br]</span>

    In Results Layout:

    [slp_option   label_fax     ifset   fax] [slp_location fax suffix br]

    However, in the results, the label always shows/gets rendered, no matter if fax is actually set or not. In the bubble the label only shows/gets rendered if fax is actually set (supposed behaviour).

    So I was wondering if “slp_option ifset” does not work in the results at all or whether this might be a bug.



    Could  you provide your SLP  plugin environment so we know what versions of WP and SLP and premier and the Plugin addons you are using (refer to the posting guideline)

    Also which plugin style are you using?

    Ifset should work in results layout but the plugin style can also dictate some settings

    .  the Bubble layout info needed

    Results Layout info.

    I do not see any errors off hand . Was it working before updating WordPress?  we could look into it  further if we knew what versions and plugin environment you have.



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    Could  you provide your SLP  plugin environment so we know what versions of WP and SLP and premier and the Plugin addons you are using (refer to the posting guideline)


    Thank you for replying.

    It never worked. Conditionally displaying the “Fax” descriptor in results never worked while in bubble info always worked.

    I am using the “A Gallery Style” Style.
    (On a sidenote, I liked the “old” style where the results below the map were in scrollable “frame” a bit better as it was more intuitive for a user because the map was always visible. However, I cannot select another style than “A Gallery Style” anymore.)

    Here’s the info from plugin environment:

    Store Locator Plus®:5.0.3

    Site URL: to be precise.
    This Info Cached:0
    Network Active:No

    WordPress Version:4.9.9
    PHP Version:7.2.14
    MySQL Version:5.5.60
    PHP Limit:500M
    WordPress General Limit:40M
    WordPress Admin Limit:500M
    PHP Peak RAM:26 MB
    PHP Post Max Size:300M

    I will attach a .txt with the bubble and results layout where the fax description will always show in results even if fax is empty/not set while in bubble will only show if fax is set (as expected).

    Thank you.

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    Ok, I will notify the developer for guidance.

    FYI: Under “A gallery style,” there is an inside scroll and there are a dozen plugin styles (now called locator styles) under there.  I need to update the docs site a bit more to delete those old photos

    Regarding what you had before in the legacy add-on plugin styles, If you need a specific type style, as a premier customer, I can ask the developer to add it when he has some time available  if it isnt already under gallery style. You probably do not recall what it was called, (I know I wouldn’t), but if after looking at the additional styles you do not see one that works for you , you can contact us via the contact form and request.

    under Gallery styles there is the scroll down on inside bar , for example AI Swarm, Alphaville, Bennet, Bobbitt, Brewery, default, Metropolis etc etc.  Can you see them under Settings /View in the inside scroll bar under Gallery style?

    see attached screenshot.

    If you have Janitor you can view what is actually being used under option results layout compared to what is being shown after you change it.

    I will let you know about the ifset under results when I have more info



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    Thank you for getting back on this issue. I am waiting to hear back regarding the conditional use of slp_option in “Results” layout.

    As for the styles, thank you too for clarifying. I understand I can select various sub-styles under “A Gallery Style” that will tweak maps, results and the like but I think I test-drove all available ones and none had the results displayed in a scrollable frame but just a long list afaik. If I’m wrong, please tell me the style-name you’d be referring to.



    There is a scroll to map feature with Premier, But yes it does not have an inner scroll bar in a box  for results.  This page  has a video  from the developer that shows some of the CSS and class. actions and the scroll to map.  which puts the map in view after a location has been selected.  It might give you some ideas if you are proficient at CSS. But I have not found any that are built in for scrolling th results in a frame

    I have asked the developer if he recalls having had a scroll results within the frame in past styles  .    You can see a list of older plugin styles using the Janitor add-on and scroll down to the part called _theme_details , array

    (That may jog your memory as to what you were using before if you think it was a feature in SLP and not par of your theme).  Customers often  save or  copied stheir CSS, ex.  ” my ithemes css file to the /store-locator-le/css/ ” in a folder.  (I found  others saved CSS archives and directory of the old plugin styles by searching using my  browser. )

    As far as the ifset fax option, I do not see that as an option for  results, only under Bubble.

    In your case  Is a label showing up at all for FAX on any of your locations that have a fax number?  I have been changing my plugin style to see if  the label shows up when I have added a fax number to my locations, and no label so far .   I have confused myself and my test site  so I best stop  So far no luck. Waiting to hear back from developer when he has time away from his current project.  Sorry for the confusion




    No worries regarding the scrolling frame! And thank you for the thorough replies.
    The scroll-to-map CSS idea was a good hint and will satisfy our UX requirements.

    I’ll wait for your feedback regarding the conditional use of slp_option to display labels in the results though. As you assumed, if I use

    [slp_option   label_fax     ifset   fax]

    The label_fax gets rendered for ALL locations in the results, disregarding if an result entry actually has a value for fax set or not. I feel this is a bug.


    Thanks for your patience. I had a meeting this morning with the developer and explained the issue of the ifset_option. Quick answer, it is missing. He needs to work some javascript coding magic. He explained to me what was happening ( a teaching moment) and came to the conclusion the results ifset_option for the results is called later in the process and for some reason it is not getting through as a replace shortcode.  Why it works in Maps and not results, apparently the  Map info bubble instructions (shortcode) was written a long time after the initial plugin  (with the results layout) ., so no idea if the results ifset_option for fax  ever worked in results.

    he needs to  get into the weeds a bit on this one. It is above my skill set, I just try to break things and troubleshoot, and report back to the man behind the curtain.


    I will get back to you as soon as I hear more.



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