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    Hi Support

    I wonder if you could advise me on the best way to upgrade from SLP version 4.4.35 to version 4.9.4. Running an update through the WP Admin area results in the Admin area breaking but the front-end continues to function.

    Things to be aware of: I have a back-up and a test environment I run a test upgrade in. I would like purchase a subscription for SLP Premier. I will also be migrating to a new domain on a new server. I have migration tool to help me migrate the files and rename the domain references in the process.

    I wonder if I should start with a clean install of SLP Premier and then import the locations/pages from v. 4.4.35?

    The plugin environment on the new server is as follows:
    Store Locator Plus:4.4.35
    This Info Cached:1516027804
    WordPress Version:4.9.1
    Site URL: *************
    MySQL Version:5.6.38
    PHP Version:7.1.13
    PHP Limit:256M
    WordPress General Limit:40M
    WordPress Admin Limit:256M
    PHP Peak RAM:62 MB
    PHP Post Max Size:8M




    Those are good questions.

    If you purchase premier you will be able to download and use the add-ons to the WP SLP Plugin on multiple sites.
    A fresh install on your new site would be a good idea in my opinion. Once you have premier you can then use the Power add-on on your old site to export locations and then import them on your new site would be feasible. Be aware that you would need to update SLP to v 4.9.xx on your old site in order to use power version 4.9.xx. So make sure you have a back-up of the live site for sure.

    The new site will require a new Google API key. Also, to work properly you should have a secure https site.

    Sounds like you have thought this through.

    If you need further customization once you have Premier installed , let the developer know through contact forms.



    Thanks Cici

    You said “Be aware that you would need to update SLP to v 4.9.xx on your old site in order to
    use power version 4.9.xx.”

    I guess you are saying to import my locations from version 4.4.35 to version 4.9.4 I need the the Power add-on running on both the old and new websites.

    So if WP Admin breaks when I upgrade from version 4.4.35 to version 4.9.4 I cannot import my locations. (Unless I can figure out and work-around the admin area area breaking e.g. because of a conflict with another plugin?)




    It shouldn’t break your WP admin panel by just updating SLP base plugin to 4.9. We have had many customers who updated from older versions of the base plugin to current version without issue.   You can use one of many duplicate or clone plugins in WordPress and try the update on the cloned site.

    Your legacy add-ons should be deactivated first. Understand you do not want to play around on a production site.  You should have a staging, development or cloned site

    If you follow the guidance, i.e,  have a staging or virtual site and use that site  to update plugins  to see if you have any issues you should be ok.

    If you use JetPack : besides real-time incremental backups of your site with restore points,  has  the ability to restore the site to an alternate site.

    Please read the Migrating sites documentation

    I am not an expert on migrating sites, so I  try to err on side of caution. .   If you need additional technical expertise before migrating , or need troubleshooting , consider using  our developer consultant service or Login troubleshooting service  to work with you.




    P.S. If you have the Power add-on you can download it from your account on your staging site, your new site …if it is for the same business we have no problem with you downloading it on two sites.



    Thanks Cici

    I’ve followed your advice and everything has gone pretty well. Disabling the SLP Add-on (Pages and Tag-a-long) resolved the problem of the SLP update breaking my WP Admin Dashboard on my staging website.

    Then with my newly licensed SLP Premier and Power / Experience Add-ons installed I’ve been able to get the create the same functionality that we have on the live site.

    I think I can focus on with the new design now.

    Thanks for your help.



    Fantastic. As a premier subscriber you can now post in premier forums,

    P.S. You may also request access to the CharlestonSW Slack channels and reach the developers on live chat any time they are online in “code mode”.   Use the Contact Form to request an invite to the Slack channels. The Slack channel is not intended to usurp the Premier forums. The developers might be in the middle of coding and not available to answer general questions so the Premier forum is still the best way to obtain tier one support.

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