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    Tara Hagemann

    I’ve submitted two requests and no answer. I upgraded to the following:

    Store Locator Plus®, Version 5.5.12 and Store Locator Plus® – Power, Version 5.5.6

    Now when I view the pop-up card Directions, phone and fax are all mushed together.

    Will you please fix?

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    We do not see any requests from you where did you “submit”?  Nothing in the update would effect layouts, The Power update addressed category locations  marker .

    P.S. are you part of the next step team ? with the site frstream.  I do not see any orders associated with your name or your company.  Are you referring to the MAP INFO BUBBLE?  There was a reported issue regarding the map info bubble layout

    If you were part of the next step team you added shortcode  to resolve the issue.  Did you back-up your site before updating?

    Do  you have the Experience add-on ? If so you have the ability to change the MAP bubble layout as well as results layout and search layout

    .Under Settings/Map Change


    Map info bubble layout 


    <span>[slp_location email_link]</span>



    See Map Bubble layout and add  the fields to change it

    <span id=”slp_bubble_phone”>Phone:</span>


    The map info bubble issue has been reported and is in queue for next update


    In apologize, I searched by company name and see you bought Power in 2019.  If you dod not have an issue before what version of SLP were you using before updating? That might help us track down when the map info bubble issue appeared. We believe it was a version from earlier this year but are not sure.



    The issue regarding the map info bubble with labels is in testing.  If you have a testing site or dev site and have Premier you can download it to test the SLP beta v 5.5.14

    As far as resolving the “mushed” phone and fax numbers. Go into your location and add a space in front of the phone number, refresh , it should be resolved,  That is the simplest way to correct your issue

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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