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    I have a client using the old wordpress plugin, V5.5.15 and I’d like to update them to one of the current solutions.  Is there a way to do this without loosing / having to reenter all of their locations?  I see there is an import feature in some of the hosted solution plans but my client can’t afford them.

    Is there a way to keep your locations as you migrate from the old plugin to a new solution?




    They will not loose anything. Their Locations database is maintained in their own WP site for those self managed WP Plug-in. (This applies to the plugin only not the SaaS)  Make sure they have a back up of their site, following WordPress best practices.

    Next You need to purchase the WPSLP Base Plugin for $25.  See the Latest Dev News

    You will need to delete your old version of SLP after you have backed up your site.

    Note : SLP version 5.10 and above are not listed in the WordPress Plugin Directory.   As such the first time you add/update the SLP plug-in  purchased from the store front , follow the below  installation process.

    • Login To Your Store Locator Plus  Account
    • Download the latest zip file version
    • Login to your WordPress admin panel for your website.
    • Go to the plugins sidebar menu.
    • Select Add New.
    • Select Upload.
    • Browse to your downloaded zip file.
    • Click Install now.
    • Activate



    Sorry I mis understood, I thought you were just looking to keep the Self Managed plugin whereas you maintain your own Google Api keys. If you are referring to moving from the plug-in to the Slp SaaS”

    Slp SaaS Platform I(t starts as low as $5 a month)  the locations can be transferred, uploaded to the Slp SaaS. Sign up for the plan and


    Follow Instructions  how to load locations from the SLP plug-in to the Slp SaaS plans

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    Thats great, thanks.

    Any idea why I now have a [tagalong] shortcode showing?

    Also, I can’t quite follow the pricing for this plugin.  I paid the $25, do I get updates with that or do I need one of the premium subscriptions to get this updates?




    You will get notices of updates now that you own it. With the SLP SaaS we maintain all the updates. With the self managed buy it Plugin you need to check for updates but they are included for the $25.

    As far as the legend:

    Go to Settings/View.

    There is a drop down menu for plug-in style.  Change to one of the other styles (default, etc)

    There were some  shortcodes built in a couple of styles via CSS but if you do not have Power add-on (Tagalong was a category only add-on from a long time ago but was incorporated as  part of the Power add-on for the past 4 years.)

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