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    I purchased storelocatorplus including several add-ons. But now I cannot download anymore the new plugins like:

    Pro Pack

    Enhanced search

    Enhanced map


    Kind regards,





    My plug-in environment is:


    Store Locator Plus:4.8
    Directory Builder:4.4
    Add-On: Ergebnisse:4.4
    Site URL:https://www.harolds-bags.com
    This Info Cached:1499844689
    Network Active:Nein
    PHP Limit:256M
    WordPress General Limit:40M
    WordPress Admin Limit:256M
    PHP Peak RAM:36 MB
    PHP Post Max Size:128M



    If you read the SLP changelog before you updated you would see that the add-ons you referenced are LEGACY and will not work with SLP version 4.8.  The announcements regarding the change from Legacy add-ons  to new optional add-ons have been made over the past 18 months.  The last stand alone hold out was ProPack, which has been in Legacy status starting 2017 and which is no longer compatible with SLP version 4.8.  Te other Enhanced series were phased out in 2016. You may opt to downgrade SLP core plug-in or replace the outdated add-ons.  To stay current with changes you should read the News releases, follow us on Twitter, facebook or refer to the details and changelogs before updating.

    Following Best Practice for maintaining your site , always BACK-UP before upgrading any plugins or WP.  Refer to our documentation site  FAQ disabling add-ons

    To see the conversion  please refer to the documentation.


    In all fairness, your emails talking about upgrades, legacy items, and what the upgrade path should be are difficult to understand and do not give a direct, understandable, linear path for people to update things. And, your website is largely broken right now, so the information is hard to come by.

    Your emails and general communications are always very incomplete, then you yell at (are rude to) people who don’t understand the process of having the products they paid for shut down.

    You are pushing the premier subscription, but I don’t see the value in the $425 entry fee. A lot more people would go premier without it and you would ultimately make more money.



    I was not yelling. The capital letters for the word back up is for visibility and importance. No one is pushing for Premier. If you wish to use the SLP version 4.7.11 or above and keep the functionality you must have purchased one of the newer add-ons. The fix is simple. Do not update SLP beyond the version that you currently have.  The documentation provides these instructions.  The suggestion to buy Premier is just a suggestion if you need both Power and Experience add-on. You can buy those add-ons separately, they are not subscriptions.  Your frustration is understandable but you have not provided the details as to what you need from me for information..  You have” glommed ” onto another person’s post and have not provided any information for us to be able to assist you individually.   We ask that you  read the posting guidelines.  it states, you should always start a new post with your plugin environment and url. Gunnar may have a different configuration then you, additional plug-ins that are not related, etc..

    If there are no updates to add-ons because they are now considered non-supportable /compatible with newer versions of SLP and the explanation concerning what Legacy is and which add-osns do work with newer versions of SLP there is nothing I can say in this forum to help you.  It appears you are adding onto another’s post simply to bitch. That is not the intent of forums and not appreciated nor helpful.





    We have recently updated Power to 4.8.4 however it has deleted all of our category information. We can still see the category names however they have no numbers next to them and aren’t assigned to any locations.

    Everything was working find before the update and this has caused a significant problem with the website. Could you please let me know how we can fix this issue or revert back to get our data back as this took hours to input and we don’t want to lose it.

    Best regards,

    Nick Jupp
    Studio Manager

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    You can thank WP version 4.8.2 auto update for that. The developer has released a patch as a result. Update SLP and Power to latest version 4.8.6.

    The WP 4.8.2 is breaking a lot of plug-ins. All in the name of “security” and the WP community is up in arms. The developer has been forced to change the Power add-on and the core SLP plug-in to 4.8.6 to address the WP changes. This means that anyone who used to use categories such as the Legacy Tagalong add-on will no longer see them and it is not something that SLP did.

    See the developers article and fix here


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