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    Hello guys , it’s me again.
    After importing my locations to the newly updated SLP, categorize was not working properly, and on the map , there was no location marker . I have downgraded my power plugin and experience as you can see bellow, and my website is back to normal. SO, i would suggest you would check up the latest updates of experience and power because they are not ok. And that is after 3 weeks of working at my website for importing and exporting after the last plugin update. Seriously.

    Store Locator Plus:4.7.9
    Event Location Manager:4.5.02
    Extended Data Manager:4.7.0
    Social Media Extender:4.5.02
    User Managed Locations:4.5.03

    Site URL:
    This Info Cached:1494880877
    Network Active:No

    WordPress Version:4.7.4
    PHP Version:7.0.12
    MySQL Version:5.6.32

    PHP Limit:3000M
    WordPress General Limit:3000M
    WordPress Admin Limit:256M
    PHP Peak RAM:36 MB
    PHP Post Max Size:64M


    Lance Cleveland

    We are chasing a categorization issue that we have been unable to reproduce on our servers.   If we can reproduce the problem we can track down and patch the bug.   This is now only the 2nd report we have (we’ve had 4 but 2 others were server configuration issue and not enough PHP Memory assigned) of a problem so I may be asking for more details, an admin login if possible, and possibly even a dump of the SLP (or entire WP) tables for debugging.

    The one customer that reported the issue was working with the 4.7.9 beta releases for a while.  We have that data an still have not be successful reproducing the problem.

    Did you have to roll back Experience to fix the issue or was that precautionary?



    I had to roll back both of Add-ons, because there was no relationship between the category and what was appearing on the map.
    I created a new user for wp-admin:

    Thank you for taking care of my issue



    Can you give your email address so i can send you the login for the website?
    Thanks, Raluca


    Lance Cleveland

    Power 4.7.10-beta-1 is undergoing testing.   It should resolve the issue.      You can get to it from the downloads page on this website.   To test it you will need to download the prerelease copy of Power from the website, deactivate/delete the Power add on,  add new plugin via the upload process  in WordPress and activate it.


    Please keep in mind this is a beta release and not fully tested.   You should have a full site backup before testing and should test, if possible, on a staging copy of your live site.


    Once testing is complete we will release Power 4.7.10 into production.  Hopefully before close of business on Friday.

    If you are able to test Power 4.7.10-beta-1 on your site please report your results here.

    For future reference you can use the Email Us contact form on this page to send login credentials which goes to the support team (they will assign the email to me).   Premier customers can also request access to our Slack channel which includes group chats for multiple SLP channels as well as direct 1:1 communication with myself and our support lead.



    Power 4.7.10 is in Production. You should also update Experience add-on to the latest version

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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