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    J Joseph

    I have an active subscription to the main SLP plugin as well as Power, Premier, and Experience.  I am able to upgrade the main SLP plugin to 4.8 with no issue through the WordPress dashboard.  However, I am unable to upgrade any of the add-on plugins (you can see in 2.PNG that I’m not given the option to upgrade them).

    I would normally upgrade them manually, however when I log into my account (you can see it’s active status in 3.PNG) I am not able to download any of the plugin files (I get the message that’s in 4.PNG).



    There was some sort of issue with your subscription from last December.  I can’t follow the trail to see what happened.   I re-added Power and Experience to your account. Please check and see if you can download from your account and then deactivate under your Plugin panel, delete and reload. I’ll have to look into the Premier payment and subscriptions, PayPal had some glitches earlier this year. Please send an email to support if you still cannot see access and if you could include a copy of your Premier renewal payment (it appears it may have lapsed Sept 2016 and a subsequent payment made in Dec??)  so they can follow up, would be appreciated.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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