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    Adding locations no longer saves latitude or longitude. If we manually look it up and attempt to enter it using the Manage Locations tab, it still doesn’t save (appears blank after saving, checked phpMyAdmin and it’s blank in the table, too.) The recoding button also doesn’t fix it. The front end of the site works fine, except those new locations obviously don’t show up since they have no location data.

    We’re using an older version of Store Locator because we had to customize it fairly heavily for the site. Store Locator version: 3.11.2 Pro Pack version: 3.11.3 . (I *really* don’t want to have to update this as we would lose hours of work getting the layout and WPML compatibility we needed.)

    Other details from the plugin environment page:

    WPCSL Version:2.2
    WordPress Version:4.4.2
    MySQL Version:5.5.5
    PHP Version:5.5.33

    Really hoping there’s a solution here… thanks in advance for any insight!


    We do not support version SLP 3.xx of anything, it is way too old. There were a ton of changes and updates and if you do not update no one can guarantee security on your site nor compatibility with the newer versions of WP. etc. We just do not support or maintain versions that are over three years old. You would need to purchase the newer version of ProPack or wait and purchase the Power add-on.

    The SLP team is looking towards the future for maintainability and SaaS future compatibility. (see blog) Store Locator Plus has been versions 4.xxxx since I started assisting over two years ago.

    WPML is also revamping their whole system in accordance with the new WP Translations rules There is a tutorial video on the translations and text domain strings

    If you need the developer to assist you in updating your files and customizing your theme you would need to go through the Paid Support/Customization route.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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