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    Hello Team,

    i have unable to upload csv in my storelocato plugin.

    i have using for purchase all store locatore plugin below listed plugin i have using for latest version
    – Store Locator Plus (Version 4.5.06)
    – Store Locator Plus : Contact Extender (Version 4.3.02)
    – Store Locator Plus : Directory Builder (Version 4.4)
    -Store Locator Plus : Enhanced Map (Version 4.3.01 )
    – Store Locator Plus : Enhanced Results (Version 4.3.02 )
    – Store Locator Plus :: Enhanced Search (Version 4.3.03)
    – Store Locator Plus :: Pages (Version 4.4.07)
    – Store Locator Plus :: Pro Pack (Version 4.5)

    here above all storelocator plugin i have purchase but when i will upload csv then i have getting below error

    The Enhanced Folder add-on is not running as efficiently as possible.
    Upgrading to the latest Experience add-on is recommended.

    i can’t upload csv for my store locator plugin so can you please give me solution without upload “Experience” plugin

    i am waiting for your reply
    Dennis Wruck



    Hello Team,

    i am waitng for your reply because i have allready puchase this plugin and plugin updation after i have getting this type of issues and your team is not giving solution

    please give me solution asap

    Dennis wruck



    Hello, You posted the first post yesterday and as stated in our Posting Guidelines please allow us 1-5 days to answer you.

    This is what we have indicated as a normal response time for forums, anything that is absolutely urgent to be answered immediately within seconds or hours goes through a paid support option.

    We answer questions in the order they appear. By “bumping” your question again today, it  looks like you posted it for the FIRST time today.

    I have gone through questions in email, paid support, premier subscribers forum first,  and  answered other people who had posted their questions two days ago or three days ago before I even got to those who posted questions yesterday FIRST.  By “bumping” your post you delay any time to answer you. I hope you understand that all our customers are important to us.

    Your issue has to do with your CSV uploads. That  has NOTHING to do with Enhanced results (which is a legacy add-on). The message that states your enhanced results is not running as efficiently is  to let you know that your version is an old legacy version. Although we still allow people to buy it, it will NOT be updated or maintained other than major bug fixes.  The Experience add-on replaces Enhanced results, Enhanced Map, Enhanced Search, and Widgets. Since you have bought three of those four add-ons you would be entitled to a coupon discount towards the Experience Add-on.  READ CUSTOMER APPRECIATION under the Experience Add-on . This newer add-on is intended to run on WP 4.5 and SLP 4.5 and above and is more efficient because it takes less overhead.  It is urged that you update to the new Experience add-on while you can still get a discount. Eventually the old legacy packs will not work with future versions of SLP and the only way you will then get them to work would be to downgrade to an old SLP.

    Having said all that…Importing a csv file is PROPACK.  I cannot tell you what you issue is but I am guessing that your csv file is not in the correct format or your file path to upload is not where it is supposed to be, or your configuration has an issue.   You need to use proper field names, headers columns and CSV file format.

    For information on how to use CSV file and formats and ProPAck (also included in the new Power add-on)

    ‘Check This new documentation using the key search word Imports

    If you wish to attach a copy of your csv file I will look at it for you.

    Since you also have Pages, Directory Builder, Contact Extender and ProPack you would also qualify for a coupon  for a substantial discount to the POWER add-on which replaces all those older add-ons.

    Your best value would be to purchase the Premier Subscription to ensure you get all the features and functionality and updates, not to mention access to the Premier forum (they are answered first). That is totally up to you.  As mentioned since you show that you have so many add-ons purchased within the last year  it would  be discounted for the set up fee. This promotion is good for the summer 2016. Please send an email to support requesting any of the coupons if you are interested in any of the options to update.    I believe you will be happy you did.






Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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