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    Ever since doing the last updates to SLP, SLP Experience & SLP Power, my store locator is not functioning properly. The drop-down menu with all of my tags is there, I can select one and it appears as though it’s loading and going to provide me with a list of locations carrying this, but then nothing loads below the map. Temporarily, I have turned on the function to show 50 locations at start-up before the search, just so my customers are able to see something. However, this is not ideal because not all locations carry all products. Link:


    sorry I thought I( answered this yesterday,


    Please follow forum posting guidelines. See Plugin environment info. We need versions etc. Are you using latest version of SLP and add-ons? What add-ons are you using? What version of WordPress

    Without this info we cannot assist you with specifics. I do see your results layout and it seems to be coming from fusion and or legacy css. I do not see the results tags  line in your results wrappers.

    <span id=”slp_tags”>[slp_location tags]</span>


    See result s layout

    See Legacy CSS Styling if you have one of those.  Am sure you are doing daily back ups right? If so you can find your styling or choose the gallery style …Please read docs…but again I cannot answer specifically without knowing anything about your plugin environment

    Check the Troubleshooting guidelines as well


    For anyone else who is following this post, we discovered a bug in Power and  are working on a fix. There was some code that was not updated or did not match when Smart options were utilized and updated in the Power add-on. A patch is being tested for Power and will be available later  this week. Power will be updated and tags options patched in the next release


    thank you kami for contacting support

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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