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    With the Power addon I am using the following shortcode:
    [slplus tags_for_dropdown=”Santa Fe,Ultra-Aire”]

    The page ( has user drop-downs for tags, categories, & radius. Changing the tags (Brands:) drop-down menu and clicking the results button does not seem to filter the results. To reproduce the issue, enter a zip code and filter by one tag and then try to filter by the other tag.

    Store Locator Plus:4.9
    Site URL:
    This Info Cached:1512070718
    Network Active:No
    WordPress Version:4.9.1
    PHP Version:5.6.30
    MySQL Version:5.6.32
    PHP Limit:256M
    WordPress General Limit:256M
    WordPress Admin Limit:256M
    PHP Peak RAM:71 MB
    PHP Post Max Size:264M

    Thank you in advance.


    Hi Boone,


    lance is looking into potential issues with Power 4.9. Thank you for providing all the information needed.  Do you have a staging site that he could log into? he is looking at a Premier customers site right now and being able to compare the two would be very helpful. He was just about to release Power 4.9.1 but wants to investigate more closely if there was something in the WP 4.9 update that created issues with parts of the SLP javascript files not loading. Something is definitely quirky going on.  If you do have a dev or staging site and can provide some login admin send it to the Contact Us email please.


    p.S. Also just a quick question, are you using other language files as well?


    I performed this search on

    I searched zip code 29464

    I selected ultra aire

    I selected category Dealer

    I selected radius 500 miles

    returned were over 20 results:

    Performed a Second test

    entered zip code 01886

    selected tag filter Santa Fe

    Selected category ‘ distributor’ , radius 100 miles, Returned over a dozen results

    In the div I see: <div class=”Santa_Fe_br__Ultra_Aire slp_result_table_tags”><span class=”tagtext”>Santa Fe<br>Ultra-Aire</span></div>


    Is this supposed to work differently, It appears to be working the way I would expect it to  from my search tests.



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    Morning Cici,

    I really appreciate the help and for the detailed testing.

    I am not using other language files.

    The issue isn’t that the locator does not return results. The issue is that when a tag (brand) is selected, the locator shows results for all tags, not just the one selected.

    I ran your first test. See screenshot attached. With Ultra-Aire selected, the first result is tagged with Santa Fe only. The results should only include the selected tag, either by themselves or combined with another tag. Results that have not been tagged with the selected tag should not be shown.

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    Thanks for the information. Lance is running tons of debugging to see where the problem lies in Javascript.  WordPress recent updates have caused all sorts of unexpected issues. I have been looking at their advanced developer  forums with lots of reports of bug, and some are effecting tables.  The more information we have the better. I  am meeting with lance later today.  he has been working non stop for the past 30 hours (other then to sleep)


    If you roll back Power  and/or to earlier version do you still see errors?



    Thank you for fast follow up. I know you and Lance are crazy busy. I really appreciate the help.

    I can try the rollback and see if that corrects it for now. I believe that I will need to rollback the core SLP plugin as well.

    The last archived power version I have is 4.7.8. Is there an versioning archive to download newer versions?


    Thanks, , I am in a meeting right now with Lance and going thru issues one by one that people are reporting.  They are so varied that it has him scrambling.  he is using “Smart options and had a big project customization and changed Power to import locations large lists, add special custom categories  and a few other things to Premier and Power.  We know there is a bug in Power but he stopped the Power v 4.9.1 release until he is sure he has addressed all issues.

    You have been a long time customer and we appreciate your patience.  I just had him look at another issue with category selector and filters which made me think, you may be having similar issue with filters not working. on tags…. So now Lance is deep into the code and   now he is talking to himself…(.I think I pushed him over the edge.)

    BTW, is your site set up so you choose either categories or tags,  or do you need to select both?

    If you have a dev site and would like to help test the  beta release of Power let us know and we can give you access,   I can  send you zip file of Power version 4.8.6 to get your live site working again…just send email to support .  Note: if you roll back Power you will need to roll back SLP to earlier version which WPSLP plugin directory (link to it is in docs how to downgrade0




    Morning Cici,

    Thank you for the continuing support. Ha. I hope all this isn’t driving Lance too crazy.

    The site is set up to all the user to choose either a tag or a category. They can choose to filter by both, but they are not required to select one of each before filtering results.

    I will reach out via email for the 4.8.6 link. If we can get the filtering working, I can wait until the next release.

    Thanks again!


    He is working on and testing Power updates and just updated SLP , posted what he is working on this week from the issues punch list .  After the update you might want to consider updating PHP to 7 as lower versions of PHP are being deprecated according to  WP . I do not think it will effect you in short term.

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