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    Jesse Kurrasch

    I don’t want to be a pain, but when you ask for $275 a year and offer preimium support, this is not premium support.  I was talking with some via email and they vanished.

    You canlled my subscription due to a bad credit card. I resubscribed, but nothing works.

    I cannot active the experience or Power plugins.



    Only the Store locator plus plugin activates and it shows development on my locator.

    I have had nothing but problems with these plugins and the backend has been a learning curve.

    Please help, please care.

    If we can’t get this fixed, I’m abandoning the plugin and my client.

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    Support did not vanish.

    You contacted us at 1239 PM July 14. You were answered at 132 PM the same day and continually through out the day until 642 PM.

    Your Premier subscription was due in February and was not cancelled until May 24 ,

    You are responsible for your own credit card updates and can easily rectify the situation by logging into your account and updating payment.

    The forums are intended for people to ask general questions. Everything you said in the direct email about the credit card and subscription was answered in direct email.

    The premier subscription fee of $275  is not a 24/7 support nor a log into your site to fix your WP site. The Premier subscription is for customers who want the additional functionality and features as described in the Premier Plug-in. 

    If you are only using the regular features available with the two add-ons:  Power and Experience, those should be purchased separately and do not require renewals. It is a one time buy.

    Alternatively , if you need additional back end help, consider switching over to our slp SaaS plan.

    The SLP SaaS option may be a better option for your clients, you no longer need to be a middle man. We maintain the updates and Google API keys.

    See the What to buy comparison between the two . You could probably get by with the Professional level plan.



    I just visited your site:, I see that you have the SLP add-ons installed on that site, The above questions were answered on the day you wrote to support on July 14. I am not sure why this was posted, Assume it was because there was an hour or two  delay between the first couple of emails. We were helping other customers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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