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    Meri Merrigan


    We’re having some issues with the store pages not displaying the map while using [storepage map=location].


    It seems that the map loads, but is just blank. [slplus] works correctly for the main map. I realize this could be an issue with our theme or plugins, however the issue persists even with all plugins disabled and using WP default theme. Also, we haven’t encountered any JS errors that we know of. Would you be able to offer any insight as to what the issue may be?


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    I am not quite sure how you are using the plug-in but perhaps the SEO Pages docs can shed some light on what you need to do for a template to show if you are using Pages


    Also I noted you are using SMUSHIT on that URL…Smushit has a conflict with SLP, we alresdy have a minifier.  Turn off SmushIT

    or if you only want to show a list of locations:

    Also looking at that one page, check to make sure if you are using Map with pages you have correct map height settings

    I thought I saw somewhere on that  url  as having map height settings as 100% that is not correct. under settings/map


    Map Height:  The initial map height in pixels or percent of initial page height. Can also use rules like auto and inherit if Height Units is set to blank. Do not set height at 100%!

    Height Units:   Is the width a percentage of page width or absolute pixel size? Select blank to use CSS rules like auto or inherit in the Map Height setting.NOTE: Most WordPress themes do not set a fixed height for the content area of a page.   DO NOT USE A % HEIGHT UNIT as your browser cannot calculate the height from a variable-height page and will result in a map ZERO pixels in height, effectively HIDING the map.  Instead use a defined unit height such as 480 px or 30 em.



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    You have Java script errors, You need to troubleshoot try WP debug  or shut off plugins one at a time, and use a regular WP theme, suggest doing this on a dev site or clone site


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