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    <p class=”MsoNormal”>When we create a page then click on it to make changes to the details we have found that the changes are not reflected in the locations listing page. We have the perma link name to be the street address and the page name to be the street address. This makes the changes in the edit page area but when you go back to store locator plus > location it doesn’t make the change. It worked for one during demo but after that it is not updating. Is it using a cron? how can we force it?</p>

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    We need your plugin envirnment that will also show what verion of WP you are using, as you probably are aware, WP auto updated everyones sites and broke a lot of things,


    I really cant weigh in or ask the developer to weigh in when we do not have your plugin environment or additional info


    P.S. The demo at the time was probably NOT updated to WP version 5.0 or higher. And that is where WP broke a lot of things.


    Is this what you need
    Store Locator Plus®:5.0.3




    Site URL:

    This Info Cached:1548886751

    Network Active:No

    WordPress Version:5.0.3

    PHP Version:7.0.33

    MySQL Version:5.6.41

    PHP Limit:256M

    WordPress General Limit:40M

    WordPress Admin Limit:256M

    PHP Peak RAM:32 MB

    PHP Post Max Size:8M

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