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    Hi guys,

    We have a few questions/bugs in regards to Store Pages.

    • When adding new locations, Store Pages are automatically being created (is this the correct functionality)?
    • Pages Replace Websites

    In our current set-up, we include a URL in two fields that we then display in our results using

    [[<div class=”site-link”>Website</div><div class=”site-link”>[slp_location web_link]</div>]]

    When NO Store Page exists, “More Info” is linked to the Website URL field [[slp_location web_link]]. When a  Store Page exists “More Info” then links to the Store Page.  The issue is that when Pages Replace Websites is checked the text/URL is no longer displayed for locations without Store Pages.

    Store Locator Plus:4.6.3



    +Pages , Contacts



    Hi Shad,

    1) Yes the store pages automatically being created .  Do you have them set as draft which is the default?  I mentioned same when I tested Pages before and Lance said if Enable Pages was checked in the past it would (behind the scenes) create a page anyway and  it will definitely create automatically if you have Enable Pages checked off under General/Data.  I had to go through multiple locations that I had imported to test someones csv file and had over 2000 store pages hiding when I  turned ” enable  pages” under General back on (I had turned it off). It doesn’t mean they are automatically published but it is the default.  You then take the second step to publish them as you know.

    2)In the results layout  the shortcode for [slp_location web_link]

    ” will be the location URL from the location database OR a link to the  Pages web page if “pages replace website” is enabled in  Pages.   The text will be the website label text.

    Are you looking for a work around so you can have either or? Is the way you have it now in the page template or do you have the “either/ or” as a CSS to overwrite?

    Let me know and I will pass it on to Lance. He is cleaning up and getting ready to push 4.6.4 of SLP and Premier so this would be a good time to let him know





    Hi Cici,

    I’m working with Shad on this one.

    In older versions of the plugin, even when we had store pages enabled, the [slp_location web_link] would display the website label text with a link to the location URL if there was no store page created for that particular location.

    The thing is when we use [slp_location web_link], it is <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>not</span> displaying the website label text if a store page is <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>not</span> created. If there is no store page, no text what so ever is showing up. The website label text appears only once a store page is created for a location using the [slp_location web_link] shortcode.

    – Lori



    Okey dokey..its Lance  is up time…..You know me, I have limited knowledge on ages, cause I test so many things for people and Pages just clutters my mind. I will task him to answer you and grab him on Slack too





    Cool, thank you Cici.



    Lance Cleveland

    Store Pages have been auto-created for quite a while now (since SLP 4.2?).  It was done to utilize the WordPress taxonomy system to manage categories on locations versus our own independent version which was not working very well.

    By default all Store Pages are in draft mode.

    Based on what I’m reading here it seems as though older versions of SLP w/ Pages (now Power) would link to the Store Page if the page was published and link to the website URL if the page was in draft mode.   I’ll need to dig into this and see what it is doing before I can post an update.    I’ll investigate after this 4.6.4 release goes out and publish any updates/findings here.


    It has been a while since I’ve looked at that functionality so I’ll need to refresh my memory on how that works and is wired together.   If you can let me know

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