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    We are trying to get to the bottom of why the Store Lcator Plus SEO friendly page urls would be working for long periods of time and then now they are 404 pages.

    you can see the map here

    when you click on the pin and then website it should take you to the details of that location. (was working now it is not)

    here is an example of the 404 detail page

    can you let me know what might be at the root of the friendly urls going to 404 pages and how to fix this as well as prevent it in the future?


    Server info

    Store Locator Plus®:5.0.5




    Sorry, we are also running WordPress Version:5.2



    Did this just start happening after you updated to WP 5.2/

    Did you migrate your site recently?

    Review the WordPress support forums. I did not update to WP 5.2 but it looks like it may have some issues.


    Nothing in SLP would effect breaking your internal links to your pages


    You can also view the Power changelog  to see what changes were made. I do not see anything that would effect your SEO page links in recent updates, the last time anything to do with SEO Pages changed was Power version 5.. Make sure you still have Enable Pages turned on.


    You may need to  debug with WP debugger to get to the bottom of the issue





    no it happened before the wordpress upgrade. I found that if I go to permalinks and just click save it fixes this. is this a known issue or a new bug?



    Hi Andrew, No  it is not a known issue and it is  not a bug as far as I know.

    Not sure about your particulars, but the last time you wrote about the permalinks, Lance answered you with an extensive reply. see what he replied back in January it may shed some light (especially if you are not the same person who worked on that part of that customers  WP site before. )


    I do see some errors on your site and realize you are using a lot of customization and caching

    Lance wrote an article sometime ago about the caching and updating

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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