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    Magicdust Support

    We updated our wordpress to the latest one and we noticed that the Store Locator Plus is not working properly in the dashboard.
    Here are the lists of issue:

    1. It is displaying a popup box with just notice text in it and cannot be close.
    2. The preview popup box is out of place.
    3. We added a new location but it  is not displaying on the table but can be seen using search.

    The front end is working fine.

    Please attachments

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    Not sure what the “pop up” boxes screenshot is supposed to show us. but what is needed is the plug-in environment , versions etc. The back end of your plug-in does not look anything like mine. I have no idea what Catalyst is supposed to mean as it is referenced in your Post . Is that your theme?

    Please review the posting guidelines. 


    P.S. If you look at the issues others are having with the updates to WP 5.7.1 you will see there are some complex issues with the editor and possibly javascript.

    Assume you updates on a dev or staging site? Can you will back WP to an earlier version since I cannot recreate your issues?


    P.S. We had contact from a customer who had some similar issues.

    Our suggestion: If you recently updated to WP 5.7.1 it could be causing new issues that were not evident before. There were issues reported about the elementor interaction in the WP core trac.

    We suggested they roll back the WP update and that resolved their issue.

    Magicdust Support

    Hi Cici,

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    Catalyst is name of the theme that we are using.
    Yes, we are using the latest version of wordpress.
    And we cannot revert it back to an old version because we only discover this issue just now and our database backup has only limited time.

    So aside from rolling back the wordpress version what are the possible fix for this?



    Unfortunately, since it is not an issue with our plug-in . you would need to report the back end issue to WordPress.  but first read their debugger guide to isolate the issue. It could be your them or another plug-in.


    They also suggested “If you experience problems after the upgrade, you can always restore your backup and replace the files with ones from your previous version from the release archive.”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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