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    Initially, we were experiencing issues with the Provincial dropdown search function not displaying all of the locations within the region or displaying no locations at all when there are locations in the database affiliated with that province on our dealers page.

    For example, when NB was selected from the dropdown without a postal code input, it would only display 2 listings while there are 5 in the database. When NL is selected from the dropdown, “No Locations Found” is displayed below the map, while there are 7 locations in the database. We are having similar issues with most of the provinces where there are active dealers.

    It was suggested that we update the SLP Plugin as well as the Experience add-on plugin, which we did, and now we have completely lost the provincial dropdown option both on the dealers page as well as the sidebar widget.

    Here is the link to the page where the Dealer locator is:

    We would like the dropdown features re-enabled and cannot figure why the update removed it. Also we would like to ensure that all dealers are listed within a province when that province is selected within the dropdown menu on both the dealers page and with the widget.

    The plugin environment is:
    tore Locator Plus:4.9.16

    Site URL:
    This Info Cached:1531411610
    Network Active:No

    WordPress Version:4.9.7
    PHP Version:5.3.29
    MySQL Version:5.1.73

    PHP Limit:512M
    WordPress General Limit:40M
    WordPress Admin Limit:512M
    PHP Peak RAM:58 MB
    PHP Post Max Size:8M

    If you need any other information, please let me know.


    I do not know what you mean by losing the dropdown option, I visited your site and the province drop down is there and when I selected from dropdown and clicked find locations there were results. You might want to check under the results settings for how many results to return etc.

    But, You will need to have a Google API key as posted in numerous news articles and the documentation.  SLP added fields under the general tab so that people who opted to could restrict their keys.  Since your site is still working  I went to the Google services center and they  have  extended the deadline for the API key yet again.  It is now July 16.

    But they added the caveat that if you did not sign up for their API key June 11th…

    “…..enforce the use of API keys beginning on June 11th. Keyless usage will result in a degraded experience, or an error.”

    Our articles which may be effecting your site:

    This is a change to/from Google. If you want to not have to worry about all those Google changes you might want to look into the MYSLP Professional plan.

    Your site is showing these warnings:

    modernizr.js?ver=4.9.7:4 [Deprecation] Application Cache is deprecated in non-secure contexts, and will be restricted to secure contexts in M69, around September 2018. Please consider migrating your application to HTTPS, and eventually shifting over to Service Workers. See for more details.
    r.applicationcache @ modernizr.js?ver=4.9.7:4
    util.js:226 Google Maps JavaScript API warning: NoApiKeys
    Nw.j @ util.js:226


    Here are the search results when searching by zip code, using a Massachusetts zip code and selecting 500km from drop down it returned 7 locations  .I then searched with drop down of NB (New Brunswick) and the results returned are shown.


    If you are referring to the map markers showing, you might want to check those, some of your map markers either aren’t appearing or because of the map configuration are on top of each other. Refer to how to set custom map markers.

    results FAQ documentation.


    If these are not the results you expected double check your settings under Results tab in SLP panel and make sure you have set a large  enough number to return and to cast out to  .   Also fetch your  Google API browser (server) key at the very least.   contact sales if you are thinking of switching over to MySLP (managed service where we  take care of the keys)

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