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    If I’m allowed, I’d connect my question to this thread:

    When I’m in the backend and choose “Upload file” it prompts me to select my CSV file from my harddrive. I do that and click upload -> a green bar appears and says upload of file thisismyfile.csv finished!

    But: What am I supposed to do now? I do not see a button or URL to paste to the “Remote File Retrieval” Box or anything. Also, no locations are added at this time.

    When I (manually) upload my CSV and paste the URL to “Remote File Retrieval” box and hit “Import locations” everything works as expected – all locations from get into the SLP database.

    Maybe I’m overseeing something here?



    The remote url is in the box to the right of the URL. Most people will not be using the remote file retrieval unless they have a scheduled import. The back end did change the way the UI looks but it works the same.

    The section  on the right of the Import panel provides more control over recurring imports from a full url where you CSV file resides and allows flexibility for scheduling the time for daily imports.

    WordPress cron is not exact, it executes the next time a visitor comes to your site. WordPress times are UTC/GMT time NOT local time. Set to none and leave the URL blank to clear the cron job. Example: 14:25. (Default: empty = do not run daily cron)



    OK, so I uploaded a CSV with just one line using the tool and noticed that the page refreshes, telling “1 lines have been processed, 1 location has been added” right below the big upload button.

    So I guess once I’ve uploaded the file with the button it starts to geocode the contents in the background and comes backwith a message once finished?

    (I have around 2500 locations in my CSV so this might explain why I never saw an output happening)



    Yes, and it takes a while to cache them, if you then go to the Locations panel and then go back to the import panel you should see a log import messages if you have that checked off to log the import messages, otherwise with a bazillion locations it wold take forever to come back with all that data in the log import message.  We are still having some issue with the duplicate update handling for the categories but everything else seems to be working now. Power 4.6.01 is in beta testing now.

    If you have a dev or staging site (not live) and want to test 4.6.01 or whichever pre release is out you can do that as well and report back to us if you see any bugs or error messages…, just make sure to always back up your site and data first.

    There is some tools and tips on importing large locations as well in Docs

    Let us know if all is well now. Thanks!




    Hi Cici,

    I will try that on Monday when the new locations file is available from our ERP.
    We have around 3000 locations and I did not manage to upload them through SLP so far. Put the CSV on the server and fed the URL link to SLP which did the job. Are using SLP 4.6 as of now (we just have the live system, smaller systems we have do not have we could use for testing but they do not have that large number of locations).


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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