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    I tried using the power add-on but I started having issues with locations taking over a minute to load when conducting a search and console errors so I reverted back to using propack and tagalong.

    thanks for the links and the update, I’ll take a look at the betas on a test install to see how it works out.


    Hmmm, Was that recently or previously?

    Power should be much faster, Have you tried it 4.5.07 or 4.5.08 (beta)  with the current version of SLP?  I did imports and have css and the import went so quickly I didnt know it happened. Those improvements were released recently. If you update SLP you will be required to update the other add-ons.  Things that were in SLP have been moved to the add-ons. (see the changelogs for SLP and what was changed in last release) .  BUT as a cautionary, there were some bugs in one of the Power releases athat are being addressed now with 4.5.08 (beta testing now) I think your issues might go away with using the power add-on with the new release.

    I will take a look at your site in the meantime,  the developer definitely wants to know if anything he is changing is having an impact on load times etc

    P.S. With Power, if you aren’t using (STORE)  Pages, you do need to go to general settings and check OFF enabling pages. That should help performance



    The power version I used was a few versions back this was early June so I’ll do some testing in the next few days.

    I saw the new 4.5.09 and it’s change logs, Ill report back to see how everything goes.

    Thank you for the update and the note on store pages.


    I just updated all the plugins to their current versions and the labels are now fixed but I had to reapply all layout code for Experience.

    The other issue I reported with slow loading was fixed after I added the Browser API Key.

    4 new issues:

    1.  Icon Set Add on is throwing a Fatal Error (attached)

    2. To display category Icons in the results and Info bubble for the stores I’ve been using the [slp_location iconarray raw] shortcode but now it no longer displays the icons is there a new shortcode?

    3. Contact extender is now deactivated because of Power add-on, how do I add the custom fields back again?

    4.  Attempting to import an exported csv file from SLP looks to be successful and the log says that it has added new locations but when I go to the locations tab none of the locations are added nor the total amount is updated.

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    Scratch issue #3 I found it.


    I deleted all the locations and tried importing again, the log displays the locations are added but in the Manage tab it only has the first entry imported.  This is a list of 3700 locations.


    I inspected your site URl    and it reflects you are still on SLP 4.5.07, update to 4.5.09

    Premier should be on 4.5.09

    experience addon is 4.5.08 and Power is 4.5.08…since SLP is 4.5.07 I do not think you have updated to latest versions.


    After you update   clear the cache.

    How are you importing , i,e Via a CSV file upload or a hosted url?  Are  your data fields set up correctly, what do you have marked for the Import functions Are you using Power latest version. See screenshot for the import UI

    The screenshot I have attached is using Power. Power is much faster than ProPack etc. so I am surprised you are having this difficulty.

    Is your server timing out  ?

    Word Press recommends PHP 5.6 as a minimum, your host is 5.3

    See what they suggest

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    P>S About your Icons and errors:

    You are using a discontinued icon set, what you can do is load the icons into the WP Media area and use that URL.  The larger icon sets really slow down admin and should not be used…  using the old plugin icons or any old versions not supported  would break with SLP 4.5.09


    I’m using 4.5.09 on a local version of site, I didn’t want to work on the production site anymore.

    I’m uploading via CSV File exported directly from SLP from the live site ( which is running 5.6 since Friday) using the latest Power version with no time outs.  The local server I’m testing on is running php 7.0 and these are the settings

    I’ll disable the icon plugin and upload to wp-media.

    Attached are screenshots of my local environment, and the power import screen.  CSV File link

    Thank you.

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    Ok, Are you trying to import using an sl_id?


    That is not required.

    It is added on Exports, true  but you do not have anything in that field , you do not want to import those since when you import them on your new site SLP will assign new sl_id.  That is specific for people who have specific store ids they want to upload.

    See the documentation for Power and imports :

    Special Processing

    If the sl_id column is present the import will look for a pre-existing location with the same ID and update it.

    I think I may Have lost the thread here.  is your issue  just the import bulk now? Try importing without sl_id column


    Thanks for the help so far I appreciate it.  Some issues have been resolved, if you prefer I can create separate topics for each issue.  This is the current state at which I’m at:

    Layout Settings:

    Layout settings after plugin updates are not persisting I still have to re-apply my changes.

    Category Icons:

    This occurred after updating to the latest versions.  In the search results and Info bubble for the stores I’ve been using the shortcode [slp_location iconarray raw] in the layout code to display category icons but now it no longer displays them, is there a new shortcode?

    Importing: The file is in utf-8

    #1: I tried importing with the sl_id the log said it was successful in adding new locations but only imported the first location. I had Skip Geocoding selected and duplicates handling set as Skip.

    #2: Permanently deleted all the locations and tried importing fresh but kept the sl_id, same result as #1.

    #3: I removed sl_id from the csv file, same settings and same results as the last two attempts.

    #4: Removed all but 24 locations (thinking the amount may be the issue) but same results.

    #5: Ran import with Duplicates handling set to Update and 1 location imported but this time it wasn’t the first record.

    #6: Import with skip geocoding checked, load data checked, duplicates set to Add, 1 random location imported.

    Let me know if there’s any other way to troubleshoot or if I’m just doing it wrong.


    I tried with a fresh WP and SLP install and the import worked, took about 4 minutes for 3k+ locations but it worked so it’s not the import file.


    hi Dave,’

    I am asking Lance if he can weigh in on this issue. So thanks to your excellent information we know its not the csv file so now I am wondering if it is some other settings or plugin or theme, or back to the WPML issues.

    The layout issues should not be issues if you are saving your changes, Of course always suggest saving to a back up file. I did have to reset my tagalong legend shortcode under my view .  Power with Premier had a bug in latest update. Power pre-release 4.5.09 fixed the issue but if you had Premier on there was still a bug there. That dealt with markers and categories (formerly Tagalong) Lance is fixing that bug now.


    I will let Lance address the other issues




    Ok thanks, I’ll see if the latest update fixes the icon issue.

    The layout settings are saving but it just reverts back after a plugin update, its odd.

    Any update from lance on the import issue?

    I’ll update the plugins on the server and set up a duplicate test site and give access to it if needed.


    Hi Dave,

    Sorry I  thought I answered you last night but was multi tasking and lost it.   Ok, So here is some new updates and I have a couple of questions.

    Could you provide me with this info what is your

    1)  Theme (WP)

    2) what SLP plugin style are you using

    Here are some updates


    # 1 SLP  pre release Beta 4.5.10 (pertains to teh INFO about Google API keys) I assume you have an API key if you needed one for a lot of queries.

    #2 Power latest production  release as 4.5.09 that had fixes for the icons and markers used by Categories (formerly Tagalong). I discovered one small bug  with that version of Power the General/Data enable check boxes are visible and you can check then off and they do seem to work for the locations manager but they do not appear with the checkbox when you go back to them.  Lance has been notified of this minor bug.

    #3 Premier was throwing an error with the Power categories enabled.  Thus  Premier 4.5.10. beta 4 is in pre release and fixes that bug and error message is gone. It will be published and released in Production mode if Lance can get to it before he is in the air  (on biz travel).  If you can test the Pre releases on your dev or staging site that would be great, the more who test the better since there are so many options for settings I cant test them all.

    About your load time, I still do not have an answer. Are you loading using a different language with WPML (no idea how that would effect it, just gathering info)

    I am not familiar with PHP 7.0.xxxxxso that is something you and Lance would have to discuss/ it could be something quirky with your configuration

    About the Import file.

    —On your Dev or staging site  Are you displaying more than 50 locations on your admin page?  Lance added under GENERAL/ADMIN a reset button because so many people were timing out not knowing they had pages set to 3000 or some high number in locations admin panel for viewing and that was timing out the server causing errors and issues and blank pages,

    —-Have you tried to use Janitor to check to see what settings might be lingering in the background that for some reason didn’t clear out of Locations or Options_nojs when you updated?.

    As far as your layout, Probably not helpful for your situation but I am graspoing here: under Premier there is a check box under EXP/RESULTS that pertains to not wrapping  “When checked do not wrap the individual location search results in a div.Useful for plugin styles that provide their own non-div wrappers such as tr.”  (pertaining to tables),The rle is there for HTML and CSS gurus to ensure  layout table rows.

    If you would like to send the CSV file I can take a look at it for you when I have a chance, send it to support email. I am holding down the fort while Lance is travelling






    Hi Cici,

    The remaining issues are Importing and Slow Search Results. has the most up to date versions, and the Browser API Key is added.


    May I have your email so I can send the import file?

    Slow Search Results:

    It takes about 40 seconds to a minute to return results for each search. Here are some zips to try out: 20166, 55317, 75287.  What can I do to speed up the search, it use to be really fast before the updates.

    Thank you



    Dave I had to split this topic, it no longer is about WPML, so please provide a screenshot of your plugin environment so that Lance can weigh in, also your url again. Lance is overseas at the moment and has a small window to work with you, The email address fir support is under support tab on slp


    Hi Ryan or dave,

    Are you revamping this site or just updating everything?  It seems that there are some leftover plugins or themes that are not using the latest jquery v in accordance with the WP 4.5.3 updates.

    Your slow search and results loading are attributable to the theme and/or another Plugin that is still using jquery v1.11, it is preventing AJAX from performing its function . SLP needs AJAX  to execute.  Someone sent an email to support, not sure if it was you or another person working on the

    Troubleshooting is where you will find how to debug but also the link to the WP jquery updates.
    We answered that email as well.
     Try turning off your plugins one by one, and/or change to the latest WP theme to see how it then works.  You should have a dev site or virtual staging site before starting your debugging if that is a live production  site.
    rather than copy the whole message ” look when you debug for anything that is throwing this:
    /*! jQuery v1.11.2 | (c) 2005, 2014 jQuery Foundation, Inc. | */
    b=a.nodeName.toLowerCase();return”input”===b&&!!a.checked||”option”===b&&!!a.selected},selected:function(a){return a.parentNode&&a.parentNode.selectedIndex,a.selected===!0},empty:function(a){for(a=a.firstChild;a;a=a.nextSibling)if(a.nodeType<6)return!1;return!0},parent:function(a)
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