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    Hello all,

    I have an issue with SLP that has only just happened. A day ago I setup a map on my clients site here:  I did everything as suggestd and the map worked really well. We could see the dealers icons and could zoom in and out. But then ovrnight everything changed. Now we are left with a World wide map with 2 location icons on Oceana (It should be Australia) and no ability to zoom in at all. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I didn’t change anything at all, so I cannot understand why it changed. I am using the Rock Tape theme.

    I have installed the latest version of SLP on a latest release of WordPress and I bought SLP from website.


    Any help will be appreciated.




    I do not understand what you mean by bought SLP?  It is a free plugin.  Add-ons must be purchased through this site. If you upgraded to 4.7.6 SLP you must update POWER and EXPERIENCE add-ons to 4.7.6 if you have those.


    Please follow posting guidelines and provide the information requested regarding your Plugin environment and site url



    Cici, I bought Store Locator Plus for $15USD here:  If it free why is it priced for $150USD???

    I have only just noticed that there is a FREE one as well???

    Look te day I bought it, it worked fine and then the next day it didn’t. In fact when you load the page with the shortcode on it the correct map loads and then it changes to the World Wide view with the 2 locations on it and no zoom ability. If this is actually the free version that i bought, what is the paid version?





    :Store Locator Plus




    A full-featured location management system for  your WordPress site.   This plugin will add location search and mapping to your site.   Place a shortcode on any page to display the search form, map, and location listings.   Add-ons extend the feature set in an ala-carte fashion.  Select only those add-on packs you need to build on the base plugin.


    This is the same production release that is available at the WordPress Plugin Directory for free.


    If you purchase the version here you will given access to prerelease versions of Store Locator Plus.    Prerelease software is released anywhere from 48 hours to a 4 weeks ahead of production releases of the next version of the plugin.   Prerelease copies are great for testing upcoming versions for compatibility or checking out upcoming features.




    Thank you for the $15. I can buy a latte with it.

    next, please Read the posting guidelines

    What is your Plugin environment, a screenshot is best. If you are unsure what we mean by Plugin environment see here:

    If SLP stopped working for every single person when they updated to a newer version we would have 20,000 customers complaining.

    Therefore it is reasonable to assume one of your other plugins was also updated, or your theme or WP and you have something in one of those that has caused your issue or is creating a conflict, it could be your theme having a google map call to jquery or outdated jquery or it could be one of a half dozen other plugins creating a  conflict.  Most people update a whole bunch of plugins at the same time and do not maintain their sites and jump versions. You might not be one of them, but that is the case 9 times out of 10.


    Read the troubleshooting guide here and /or Here to figure out what that is.





    The developer and I have both looked at your site.

    1) Your jquery version is outdated you must use at least 1.12 with WP since WP version 4.5

    2) The search form is missing,??  you or someone hacked it out of the php

    3) Your html and css is non -standard

    4) You have a div CALLED SLP_MAP_HOLDER , that is not a standard SLP div

    5) you have written in your code to have scroll map off (and no search box)

    6) you are not using any add-ons that would accomplish all of the above with standard SLP code , The  developer often changes code with updates/versions  for better performance,  so if you hacked the code and used your own DOM (Html) and it is non-standard or specific to your customization there is nothing we can do for you to make it work for your customization.  It is fine if you want to hack and change things without purchasing add-ons but unfortunately you will have things break every time you update

    Experience add-on will allow for one click settings for zoom, discrete search etc etc.

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