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    Dear SLP team,

    I’ve included SLP on my site and so far it seems to be working fine.

    However, I would like to customize the search mask further and couldn’t find the following two features:

    1. Is there any way to make the addressInput field required?
      Right now, it’s possible to use SLP without an address; which leads to all results being shown. Since the search we’re using SLP for is a rather delicate one, there should only be results shown that match the given address.
    2. Is there a shortcode for changing the “Number To Show” After Search (quantity of results being displayed)?
      SLP is included on different pages and on one specific page I only want to show a different amount of results.


    Best regards

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    Hello Juergen,

    1)  With Premier you can add the location limit Url

    or search auto complete could be used

    or discrete search could be enabled,

    or search address guess

    Since you have Premier there are a lot of additional features to use, you need to check to see which ones make the most sense for your business model and site.


    2)Number of results to show after start up, after search etc is set under the Settings/Results Tab under the Store Locator Plus plugin.

    More info

    about appearance and layouts  displaying data fields, shortcodes etc in Documentation


    Also if you do not want them to see a map until after search:

    You can click  the cjhjeck box to  Hide map until search…

    and other SLP shortcodes to be used on each page

    But first under SLP/ Settings/Results you will also want to check off the  box Disable Initial directory , that will disable results being shown until after a search has been done,.  Hope this helps

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    Hello Cici,

    thanks for all the information! Unfortunately it’s not really solving any of the issues we’re encountering.


    1) My goal is to make the search address field a required form field. Visitors should not be able to search at all unless something has been written into the field.
    Instead, if the field has no input, there should be some kind of message along the lines of “please fill in this field to continue” as is custom for required form fields.


    2) If I understood this correctly, the number of results to show after search can only be changed in settings/results? And therefore all pages with SLP will show the same number of results, determined by these settings?


    1) You can customize the label as to what is required to perform a search or text use address placeholder .and under  settings to only search after something is entered.  And under results do not check off show locations at start up and check off disable intitila directory .  You can Use Discrete search  Address Input filter  if you want them to see the cities as drop down for instance but it sounds like you do not want them to see anything is that correct?

    The search functionality is  dynamic and not like a typical form.  You need to use a combination of settings under the three, Search and Results. You can  customize any of the layouts , add  css  and /or add HTML . You  need to be familiar with those tools to get the most benefit. Premier is  best used by  expert skill sets using WP and CSS and HTML See Search Shortcodes in docs 

    You might also want to try a different plugin style under Settings/View.

    If  you need customization for a unique case you can send an email to support and we will have the developer look at it and provide a quote.


    2) No,  You can  use the short code with different values  on each page, if you do not have the additional shortcode it will use the default , they are on the link I provided. I.E  Shortcode attributes


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