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    I’ve got SLP version 4.9.4 installed and the Pages plugin version 4.4.07 installed. I’m getting an error when trying to activate SLP Pages stating the following:

    Pages version 4.4.07 has been disabled.
    It is not compatible with version 4.9.4 of Store Locator Plus.

    Now, I’ve checked the versions of the Pages plugin to see if there’s an update and there is no update that’s compatible? Why? Is there a fix for this problem?




    Because of the required changes to SLP  and the WP security patch , Any  add-ons that had compatibility issues would be  disabled to prevent any inadvertent fatal errors that could cause sites to crash.

    The newer smart options coding  and the WP security and updates with  4.8.2 required some changes to the way  SLP and  older add-ons were handled and rendered. (See info post about changes required)

    You can restore your site back up to the version of SLP you had before.  We do not suggest downgrading but if you do please read this guideline by the developer,

    The Power add-on replaced ProPack, tagalong, (SEO) Pages, Contact Manager and Directory Builder.

    If you need additional information  please email support at contact us.

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    Wow, so you’ve disabled the plugin in an effort to push existing customers to sign up for a new monthly service. I understand that it’s good business for you, but it leaves a bad taste in the mouth of existing customers.



    No, we are not trying to push you to upgrade. And it is not a monthly fee service. There may be some confusion there. The MySLP  is a SaaS (subscription) hosted on the Store locator plus servers . MySLP can be deployed on non WordPress as well as WordPress platforms. The WPSLP add-ons are plugins that will only work on WordPress sites.  You could deploy your site with MySLP but it is not being pushed nor suggested. The Power add-on for WPSLP includes updated and additional functionality  and the import, export, categories, pages and additional functionality  that were part of the add-ons.  They are separate products.

    You can downgrade the WordPress SLP or send an email to Contact  the developer to review your options.




    The only reason your SEO pages was disabled when you updated SLP to 4.9.4 (not an auto update which is why we adhere to the mantra in  WP codex  about back ups  and  encourage all WP sites to have regular scheduled back-ups before updating  any plugins or skipping updates .  If the add-on was not disabled you would have received a fatal error message and it could possibly cause your WP admin access to break. We never disable add-ons that are compatible with the current versions of WordPress or SLP.

    Please send an email to contact us to discuss options. or roll back SLP (you can do this in the WP directory see above link to downgrade SLP to earlier version.




    Just to clarify if others happen upon this post.  The link I provided you about Downgrade options  explains a bit more why the change was made.  Announcements via News Feeds, Tweets, Social media, and posts of the direction of newer combined add-0ns   were made for 18 months prior to that post.

    The   MySLP SaaS mentioned in that post as Option 3  is not the same thing.  It was a service based software product that was built as a result of  customers  writing to the developer and asking if the Store locator Plus or something similar  could be used for Weebly, SquareSpace etc.

    So in that respect you could say it was an expansion of the business but it was not constructed to replace the WPSLP.

    It uses javascript  code to embed an html and is a simpler solution for less experienced site administrators

    This forum is for the WPSLP plugin.  Not to be confused with the

    MySLP  SaaS service that works with any web or mobile app and brings most of the features you find in the base WPSLP plugin .

    The SLP team takes care of backing up the data, fully testing the software between releases, and  adding custom MySLP features      They  manage the location server, geocoding limits, (you do not need to get your own Google API key)  and all the other overhead of the locator.  You just enter locations , check off  the settings you would like , and paste a short snippet of JavaScript code on any page  where you want your locator to appear.

    It is  not the same as  a WP site  hat has multiple plugins separate add-ons , requires updates to be maintained by a site administrator , etc.  it does not need a user to have a technical   skill set and/or  knowledge base.

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