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    Store Locator Plus:4.7.8
    Site URL:http://www.[redacted].com
    This Info Cached:1492347494
    Network Active:No
    WordPress Version:4.6.4
    PHP Version:5.6.30-1+wpengine8
    MySQL Version:5.6.35
    PHP Limit:512M
    WordPress General Limit:40M
    WordPress Admin Limit:512M
    PHP Peak RAM:49 MB
    PHP Post Max Size:100M

    We just enabled SSL on our website and when using HTTPS and unless I turn off Script Protection in my browser, the SLP page displays “Looks like you turned off SLP Maps under General Settings but need them here.” and the Javascript Console displays “Blocked loading mixed active content “””.

    What are the steps needed to enable SLP so that it works properly with SSL pages?



    The author has written various articles about how to transfer WORD PRESS plugins and it isnt as simple as it may appear.

    Did you get a Google API key when you changed your domain from http to https?  Did someone shut off  SLP Maps under General/Admin  to try and circumvent perhaps.  As far as Google is concerned that is a new domain and now requires a Google API key.  See documentation

    Your  error message also mentions  sensor, yet you have not listed that you have either ProPack or the Power add-on

    I cannot help you with anything  more in depth,  you have chosen not to share your site url.


    Additional  info under the Troubleshooting Guide that can help you




    Lance Cleveland

    As an aside… if you ever see /sensor= in your Google Maps URL that is NOT coming from a Store Locator Plus component.


    Google deprecated that argument more than 2 years ago and we’ve not employed it in over 18 months in any of our product implementations.


    Something else is trying to load the map and is doing it incorrectly both by not honoring the native protocol request (http or https) but is also sending deprecated parameters to Google.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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