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    we’ve encountered an error of the map not finding certain Zip codes and jumping to the default location of the map; the center of Austria in our particular case.

    The Zip Code “2000” should jump to the same location as “Stockerau” but, alas, it doesn’t. “2003” should jump to this point as well, but it jumps to “Graz” instead, which isn’t correct either.

    Is this an issue with the Google API?
    Google Maps itself jumps to the correct location upon entering these exact terms.

    In our locations we also have multiple locations with the Zip code “2000” so it seems odd that the SLP maps doesn’t at least match up with these and therefore jumps to that area.

    The site is the same one of the following issue; I’ve submitted a support form a few hours ago with the URL:

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    I had the whole thing answered and then my page closed. Ugh. This question was very similar to the one you asked in 2017.

    This has been explained before. Google API does use different algorithms then what is allowed the third party developers.  The Software as a Service platform,  MYSLP we can resolve a lot of these.

    Google is showing what they consider to be the middle of that postal code area.  As far as it being different on their own “proprietary” map,   their algorithms aren’t the same.  See Google Inaccurate Results post

    The marker that is showing up is what you have designated as the home marker, and Google determines that is the middle of that zone or home for that zip /postal code.  Google Support  are supposed to correct these things now that they charge you for using their API. They should be able to provide an explanation.

    You can turn on Address suggestions

    Or address guess

    That might show the whole address of your locations.

    You can add additional instructions under Search Settings/ Label Address placeholder, such as for better results type in street address ,


    Hi Cici,

    somehow I don’t have the option to turn on address suggestions on the page. The only feature available is the address autocomplete which only offers zip code. As the zip code is the issue, I was looking for an option that would suggest the city as well. (Screenshot of my options attached, Plugin environment posted in the topic mentioned in the first post)

    Do you know of any way to approach Google with this issue as a customer or opening a support ticket like this one to get a solution to these issues?

    Or is our only option here a MySLP plan for better results? Is there a specific plan we would need in order to include the locations of Austria or are the chosen amount of locations chosen randomly for the country/countries we need?

    Our customer is very unhappy with the inaccuracy, so I’m trying to figure out which options / solutions I can present to them, if any at all.


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    Do you have Premier?  Show address guess is available through the Premier subscription.

    I thought you had premier.   It looks like the annual fee may not have been paid in JULY 2020. if so then the Premier features will be turned off once you updated.

    As far as approaching Google.

    There is Google Maps help /support and it can be difficult to get the right answer.

    here is an example of one submitted to support., whereas ” This is for a specific website (Hcareers) where they are stating that our address shows incorrectly on their site because it’s not in the Google API maps database but is showing in Google maps. They referred me to this thread:

    As far as the plan for MYSLP.  That would depend on the options you need, number of locations, number of map views, etc etc.



    P.S. I have added some locations mimicking what you have in Austria. If you add under Search Labels some definitive instructions it should help. I noticed Austria has  unique postal codes.   If you were to add in the label placeholder in search, add postal code and /or state. Or city state it may help.

    I searched by the state Lower Austria for example.

    You can also experiment with the radius behavior  to under Search since you have the EXP add-on .

    The zoom level as well will determine what is shown Zoom level:   initial zoom level of the map if  “immediately show locations” is NOT selected or if only a single location is found. For example 0 = world view, 19 = house view.

    Zoom adjustment:  Changes how tight auto-zoom bounds the locations shown. Lower numbers are closer to the locations




    I see that your account has been updated. To see the Beta Pre release versions for manual download on a test site, log into your WPSLP account and scroll to bottom of your account page to the word downloads in the footer. All available files should be present.

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