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    Raju vedprakash

    Hello Team,

    I am running wp site https://staging.<wbr /> with your plugin. I have listed out all the location in the wp-admin and also categorized some of the location as ‘Premier’. Now my question is

    Is there any different layout of the ‘Premier’ locations in radius search result?

    If I type in the search 38111 which is my zip code. And show a 10mile radius.
    It should show any PREMIER PHARMACIES “-at the top of the search result-“.
    Even if that 1 PREMIER PHARMACY is 4 miles away and there are 2 other REGULAR PHARMACIES 1 mile away.
    It means if a listing is categorized in “Premier” this should be searched on the basis of category and radius but should display top in the search result.


    Try combining a few settings

    Use the settings under Results/order by.  Featured if in Radius. Rank the featiured as #1 then  Rank any NON category named  Premier locations at a higher number.

    Maybe you need two categories, one for your premier category and another one NON Premier. You can then rank  . NON premier for example as a number 2 and rank your Premier locations as a #1  and also use  Feature for Premier.

    You will have to try a combination of settings to get the desired result



    There is someone else asking these kind of questions about the MYSLP Saas Enterprise level.  If that is also your team please do not post here.  This forum is for people using the WPSLP PLUG-IN

    There maybe different functionality in MYSLP then what is in SLP with add-ons.

    Also we would be using different suggestions like suggesting POWER add-on etc which is the add-on to the Plug-in

    NOT in SLP SaaS which has Professional level or Enterprise that can be used with categories.


    See the difference between the two in our Documentation.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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